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My Ushpizin Miriam/מרים

In art we learned how to make a 3/4 portrait. During the holiday of  Sukkot  we invite guests into the sukkah. They are called Ushpizin (אורחים). I chose Miriam because she saved Moses’s life.

Force Perspectives

img_0641img_0643img_0640img_0609 img_0621 img_0623 img_0631 img_0632 img_0633 img_0634 img_0635  In art we learned force perspectives with classmates.

Character Traits

img_0404 In art we learned about Rembrandt and Van Gogh. We studied the differences between them. Then we learned things that are the same.For example they both use brushes and pallets. We created a 3/4 portrait.