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Parashat K’doshim

Each week in fourth and fifth grade someone creates a summary of the  weekly parasha and an activity related to the parasha My parasha was K’doshi. It is about the list of rules the Israelites  had to follow to be holy. Some of these rules are the Ten Commandments like in Parashat Yitro. My activity was a memory game. You had to match the Ten Commandments from K’doshim and the Ten Commandments from Yitro.

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Thomas Edison (Wax Museum)

Madelyn Living Wax Museum from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

In social studies and language arts we wrote a six paragraph biography report about an important person to Florida. Then we typed it and turned it in to a script. We created buttons, props and costumes. We rehearsed a lot until we memorized our script by heart. The wax museum was on April 15. I was Thomas Edison. It was fun but also hard because we had to sit still until someone pressed your button and my lab coat made me sweat.