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The First Passover and Generational Passover

imageIn Jewish studies we learned about the first Passover and generational Passover. We read a book about 4 kids that went back in time when בני ישראל were slaves in Egypt and witnessed the first Passover Seder. Then they came back for their Seder.

In class we compared the differences between the first Passover and generational Passover. We were assigned to create a project based on the story we read. My summary was two kids were helping set up the Passover table when…

Esther’s Problem

In Jewish Studies we relearned the Purim story. This time we read the problems the advice and solutions. My project is a 6 paged Wixie with Queen Esther’s problem. She doesn’t know whether she should tell the king she’s Jewish. Four of her servants give her advice. Then she makes her decision.