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Rule #1

The first rule means you should help your friend. Since these blog posts are not in a order that I want them to be in you should start reading these nine posts at the post thats title is Rule/כללים. You should not watch your friend fall and just watch them. You should help  them! For example your friend slips on a banana peel. Help them up!

Rule #2

This rule means that you should clean up after yourself. It also means that you shouldn’t leave your trash where ever you want to leave it. You should throw it away! This also means that you should take care of the world. For example you could ask your teacher if your class could clean up a street near your school. Another thing you could do is clean up a park near you or clean your neighborhood.

Rule #3

The third rule is be careful with others belongings. You should be careful with them because they trusted you to use their things carefully. This also means you shouldn’t steal their things. If you take their things they might not want to be friends with you. For example if your friend lets you barrow their and you keep it and you know your friend wants it back. What could happen is if your friend is really nice and they might forgive you.On the other hand they could be really mad at you.

Rule #4

The fourth rule means that you should listen to your friends when they are talking and not interrupt. A lot of people don’t follow this rule but they really need to. It’s so annoying when people interrupt you! Well it’s really annoying to me anyways. For example if your friend is taking about what they got for their birthday and you start talking about seeing a movie the opening day and they get annoyed. They got annoyed because 1. You interrupted them and 2. It’s just straight up annoying!

Rule #5

This rule means that you should be a good sport. You shouldn’t make up a lie about a game just because you lost. If you do it’s being a bad sport. Another thing is you shouldn’t get upset and start a fight just because you lost. People (meaning the other players) will be kind of annoyed (especially the other team.) Even if you win  and your friends on the other team you shouldn’t be excited about you you winning because it might make your friends feel bad. Example you win a game and your friends are on the other team you don’t bring up the game. more »

Rule #6

The sixth rule is not to call others names. Why? 1. It will probably hurt their feelings.2. You can get in trouble. This rule doesn’t mean you can’t call someone their nickname. It  just means that you can’t call someone something hurtful or something they don’t like. Like if someone calls me Maddie I’m fine with it because it’s my nickname that I like. On the other hand if you’re a girl and someone calls you Fred you’re probably not going to like it.

Rule #7

The seventh rule is basically table manners. Simple things such as:not interrupting, chewing with your mouth closed… This rule is specific though. It’s don’t talk while you’re eating. Easy for some people harder for others. If it’s easy for  you don’t think it should be a rule the rule is only set for people who talk while eating. It’s gross for two reasons 1. You’re spitting food everywhere. 2. It’s unhygienic. For example you want to tell your friend something and you have food in your mouth WAIT UNTIL  YOU’RE DONE!!!!!!!!

Rule #8

Over Winter break we had an assignment to write 9 blog posts! The posts had to be about the rules we learned in fourth grade. This post is about the eighth rule. This rule is to think before you do something. For example if you are angry because you lost something you don’t start yelling at your mom for no reason. You should take a deep breath and count to ten.


From the beginning of fourth grade in Jewish Studies we have been learning כללים or rules that we need to know. Their are eight of them, from things such as helping a friend to thinking before you speak. We also have demonstrated some of them in case we were confused. Now I try to follow these rules.

My Trip to the Board Walk

My sister, my dad and I were staying at my grandparents house in Pennsylvania. We decided to go to the board walk. When we got there, we ate a dinner of curly fries, hot dog and some lemonade. We went on the Ferris wheel.  My dad was teasing me that we were going to fall because it was wobbly and it stopped sometimes. After that my grandpa and my dad went on a really scary ride. My grandma and I played a game where you had to squirt a red light using a water gun and we tied. We each won a stuffed monkey, except my grandma gave hers to my sister but she didn’t want it, so I ended up with two.


The monkeys names are: Robert and Ernie. They kept my neck warm because they have Velcro  so I can wear them like a scarf and they are fluffy. We also went to a carnival booth where we made sand art and then watched my grandma and aunt go on a rollercoaster called “Double Shot” (the same ride my dad and grandpa went on it jerks you up and down and my grandma screamed!) Then we went on the merry go round and got cotton candy and caramel popcorn. We took a picture that looked like a postcard then we went back to my grandparents house stuffing our faces with popcorn and cotton candy. It was a great day!