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My Marvelous Map

imageI My Marvelous Map

I created a map of South Carolina. I included: the legend, title, capital, resources, absolute and physical locations. I found the information by researching the WorldBook Online database and website to complete an organizer. I also used Wixie to create my map using stickers from the Wixie library. I would like to change the size of the state, add more info, location of the river icon, and find the exact location of mines. I enjoyed this project because I learned so many things.


SLC Reflection

I enjoyed creating my SLC because I had fun on Haiku Deck, and finding backgrounds to match my text. I didn’t really find any part of the process hard, but it looked really complicated putting my slideshows on my blog.  My teacher helped post my SLC on my blog.

On the day of my conference, I felt prepared and organized because we had started working on it a while ago. I tried my best because this was my first time running my conference and I worked really hard to make it look great. I think my parent learned something new about me as a learner (even though I don’t know what my mom learned).

I think some things I can do differently for my next SLC are: have more strengths than weaknesses, have completed my goals, have new goals, and have more bullets listed under what we learned.

My Goals: Fall SLC

My Daily 5 Reflection: Fall SLC

My Math Reflection: Fall SLC

My Personal Narrative

My Personal Narrative

One day I was spending the night at my grandparents’ house and we decided to go to the beach. After we set our stuff up, my grandpa and I went looking for shark teeth. For a long time we didn’t find anything until… I found one!

I gave it to my grandpa and he put it in a plastic bag. Then when we came to the dunes, I jumped on one and started dancing. Then I leaped across the dunes. My grandpa and I found one more shark tooth each. When we got to our stuff I decided to give myself a foot massage. I used about 25 cups of sand and 20 cups of water. After a little while, l decided to make mud pies. Except either they didn’t turn out good or my sister ruined them. So I tried taking off my mud slippers and unsuccessfully tried making a mold. There were so many cracks, that when I tried fixing them they just caved in. After that we decided to go home so we packed up our stuff and left.