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image image image imageIn science we created a Wixie on parts of plants

חגי תשרי

In the fall this year, we learned about the High Holidays. In past years, we learned about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We were taught that on Rosh Hashana, we dip apples in honey for a sweet New Year. We also throw bread in the water. The bread represents the bad things we did in the past year. This is called tashlich. In past years, we learned that on Yom Kippur, we fast, because it’s a mitzvah. I personally think it’s hard to fast, but I look forward to the break fast. Also, we wear white because white is a clean color. On Sukkot in past years, we learned that a Sukkah has to have at least three walls and the roof should be made out of leaves or bamboo.  You have to be able to see the stars.

On Yom Kippur this year, we learned the seven steps of repentance הבנה,הפסקה,חלתה, חרתה, סליחה,הבטחה,הצלחה. On Sukkot this year we learned about the four species representing people. Torah is taste, and smell is good deeds. We also learned about kosher Sukkahs,  and when we have to sit in a Sukkah. We took a test on the holidays and I got a B+.



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