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Going on a Road trip!

Last night I got back from Philadelphia. Me, my sister and my dad went on a road trip to  Philadelphia to visit my grandparents there. I saw the liberty bell and I also went to the Franklin Institute and went to the Lego exhibit. There were people made out of Legos and there was even a T. rex made out of Legos! There were more things made out of Legos but the one’s I said were the coolest. I went to my Aunt’s house in New Jersey for a wedding party in the backyard and I got at least ten mosquito bites and a really uncomfortable one on my piggy toe.

First Half of the Summer!

My first part of summer was really fun. I’m going to camp Ki Tov at school. It’s really fun and today was supper fun because one of my  counselors brought in donuts for our cabin. Someone brought  balloons in and some people put glitter in their balloons or on the balloon and then someone popped them outside and there was glitter everywhere. On Tuesday I’m going on a road trip to Philadelphia to visit my grandparents. Then when we come back I’m going back to camp for the last two weeks. A lot of my friends from school are there and some are from out of school. I’m having a great summer 😀