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Travel Report: Israel

The One and Only Ivan

About a month ago we read The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.  It’s about a gorilla that was captured and shipped to a mall with his sister who unfortunately did not make it. Ivan lived with the mall owner and was treated like a baby. Later when Ivan got too big he was put in a cage in the mall. Ivan makes friends with a dog named Bob and an elephant named Stella. Stella was in a circus and hurt her leg. Sadly Stella gets sick and unfortunately passes away. Before that the owner buys another elephant named Ruby and Ivan and Stella are friends until like I said Stella passes away. One of Ivan’s human friends Julia gives him finger paint and Ivan is an artist. This is a true story and you can buy Ivan’s paintings.

A Letter to Percy Jackson

My letter to Percy Jackson to invite me on his quest would be: Dear Percy, I would like to come on your quest because I have read your books and I know how you’ve fought multiple monsters and survived. I live in Jacksonville Fl so I would have to go across the country to get to New York. I’m not half- blood so I don’t have any magic items (that I know of.) In the four books I’ve read about you I know that most monsters are in Miami. Fortunately I live in Florida so I’m close to Miami (well I’m not to close. Takes about six hours to get there from where I am. I hope you invite me on your quest.

From, Madelyn

Mother’s Day

A video for mother’s day. Around mother’s day my class wrote metaphors and similes.  Mr. Carpenter videoed us reading it. Here is my video. I hope you like it!

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4 questions about the Lightning Thief

On May 4th our class went to see the play Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and here are 4 questions and answers. The First question is: How do you steal lightning. Answer: The Greek God Zeus had a lightning bolt that someone stole. Second question who is Percy’s dad. Answer Poseidon. Third question why is Grover half goat. Answer He is satyr. Last question what does halfblood mean. Answer when one of your parents is a Greek God.



Behind the scenes

The past few weeks my class and I made a parody video of Up Town Funk by Bruno Mars. It was really fun to make and it turned out great. I would like to thank Mrs. Emily because we couldn’t have done this with out her. The parody video is called Upstairs Fun. I would also like to thank my classmates for being a great cast. Here is the full version and I hope you like it!


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