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הספר של רייסא

Letter to Dr. King

In the story Vanished Neela loses her veena. I think she should keep looking because her grandma gave her the veena and it’s a guru original. Neela thinks  Hal, a person Neela met at the church stole the veena. Neela also thinks Lynne one  of her classmates took it to.


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Tree Hill

Yesterday 2 nd grade and 3 rd went to Tree hill  nature preserve for Tu B’Shvat and we got to pet an opossum,an alligator, and a snake. We also got to feel fox fur and raccoon fur. There was a tank with fish and turtles and we pet them. We got to feed goats animal crackers and we saw chickens and an owl. We took a small hike in the woods and we rolled down a small hill.