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ט׳׳ ו בשבט

image3 rd grade Jewish studies

Water Cycle

For Tu B’Shvat in Hebrew, Art, and science we’re studying the water cycle.

In Science we did an experiment where we put water in a bag and taped it to the window. In art we drew pictures of the water cycle and labeled the pictures in Hebrew on pixie. In Hebrew we studied the water cycle and played a game with cards. In science we also took a test on the water cycle.

Amazing Animal: Fox


A Fantasy Animal Only I’ve seen

A fantasy animal only I’ve seen is a bunny bear. The bunny bear has the tail of a bear and ears of a bunny. It’s body is a mix of a red bear and a white and green and fluffy bunny. The bunny bear eats flowers, plants, fruits,vegetables,mice and meat.It’s fluffy, cute, talks, sings, and purrs. It comes out during the day and sometimes at night.





Water Molecule Adventure Story

Photo on 1-20-15 at 3.19 PM There was a water droplet named Larry and he was on vacation traveling by aqua duct to the clouds. He was really cold and Larry was trying to get a job as snow. He got the job and formed a cloud with all his friends in the freezing sky. Then he fell from the freezing as a snowflake. Larry became rain again and stayed on the ground for the night in China Town.

בראשית פרשת נח


אני למדתי על שלום



What I did during Winter Break

On Winter Break I went to St Augustine with my family and we went to a bunch of cool stores. I also went to the Catty Shack Ranch and I got to take a tour and I watched them feed the animals raw chicken. I  went to the beach and dug a big hole in the sand with my sister. I also went to a New Year’s party and I made a S’more .

We wrote a song!

Listen to the song I wrote with Jacob Elliana and Lucy in Mr. Susman’s class!

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