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My Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition

For Thanksgiving we spend the day together. We eat dinner at my cousin’s house with my grandparents,aunt and uncle, cousins,parents and my sister. We have a huge Thanksgiving buffet with all of the fixings and everyone stuffs themselves with desserts and lots of pie and then people watch football. On Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my family.


Veterans in my family

I’ve had many veterans in my family going all the way back to the Civil War. My great great great grandfather Lemuel Scruders  was in the Pennsylvania cavalry.  My great grandfather Milton was a Sergeant in the army during world war 2. His job was to work as a translator for captured German prisoners.  My great uncle Don Kaye was a Navy Seabee during the Vietnam war. His job was to help build bridges and roads so the Americans could move soldiers and supplies around the country.I’m proud to have veterans in my family.



My magical room

If  I  had a magical room it would have a food machine and it would do anything I told it to do.

It would have a sunroof  and a  balcony .It would be able to talk and it would have a arcade.

It would also have robotic servants come out of the walls and it would have a pool.

My room would have a movie theater and it would have candy machines that you don’t have to pay for.

My room would have security cameras and my bed  could fly.

I would have a computer so I could see everything in the world and what’s happening the world.

A time I lost something special

A time I lost something special to me was when my dog died. My dog died because he had aches.

Another time I lost something special was when my goldfish died when it died I was very sad.

My favorite things to do with a computer

My favorite things to do with a computer are playing games and doing research.

I like playing Cool Math Kids and I like doing  research on multiple things. I’ve done research on different parts of the world.