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A good book I’m reading

A book I’m reading is the candy makers and four kids are picked to enter a competition to make a new world famous candy.

Another book I’m reading right now is Elvis and the underdogs and its about a boy gets a dog named Elvis but there was a mix up.Elvis was supposed to go to the president.


The sunset


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What I miss when I leave my home

What I miss when I leave my house is my fish because I’ve had him for 2 years and I love him.

I also Miss my room and my playroom.

When I’m away from home I miss my toys and my bed and I also miss my grandparents,cousins and my friends.

When I’m sick I miss school and I my teachers.



I Dedicate This Book…


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My sister

It’s hard having a little sister because she bothers me when I do my homework.

She also ruins half the things that I Set up.

My sister tries to talk to me when I’m reading and it annoys me.

yongest person I know

The youngest person I know is my cousin named Bradley and he’s two.he lives in Jacksonville and he’s really cute.

bringing peace

I bring peace  to people around me by stoping arguments and being nice to other people.






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