colorwar_yellow聽My favorite activity that we did was the scavenger hunt. We had to find 200 golf tees in 10 minutes. My team won that challenge! It was a lot of fun. The聽popsicles聽were a nice surprise because it was really hot outside. Lunch was cool because we got cupcakes after. My team was really nice and I’m glad that Sam and Talia were on my team. –Madelyn’s words, written by Ms. Tolisano

Category: 1st grade, P.E.
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  1. avatar Gram and Papa Norm says:

    Madelyn, We’re not sure what you do for Color Wars, but we hope it was lots of fun. You’ll have to give us the details when we talk. Love, Gram and Papa Norm

  2. avatar Zaida says:

    Your blogs are great, Nanny and I look forward to them every week. Zaida

  3. avatar Aunt Deb says:

    Next time you have popsicles, will you pleeeeeease call me:)
    Love your matching yellow shirts.
    L and K,
    Aunt Deb

  4. avatar Ariella :) says:

    Dear Madelyn,
    My favorite part of color wars was also the scavenger hunt. Your team did amazing! You sure probably had fun with Sam and Talia.

    Lunch, cupcakes, and everything about color wars is fun to me! What was your second favorite part about color wars?

    Keep up the great work,
    Ariella 馃檪

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