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Madelyn_book Madelyn’s favorite book is part of the Ivy & Bean series.

This book was called No News is Good News. Ivy and Bean try to get a special kind of cheese from their parents because everyone at school had the cheese except for them. When they go home, Bean asked for a snack and she only gets fruit. She really wants the cheese. Her mom yelled her because she didn’t want to hear anymore about the cheese. So Bean’s dad says that they have to earn money to get the cheese. They make a newspaper to sell and get pictures from people. They raise enough money to get the cheese. I liked the book because it was funny and I learned that I have to earn my own money to get the things that I want. -Madelyn’s words, written by Ms. Tolisano


After reading the book, The Dot, Madelyn made her mark!Madelyn_dot

I drew this picture because the story was based on dots and I really like penguins. So I kind of mixed the two things together and came up with this picture. I like my picture a lot, I think that I did a good job. I have a stuffed penguin at home and it’s name is Paddles. It came with that name. –Madelyn’s words, written by Ms. Tolisano


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