My Tanka Poem

In Library we learned about poems and we got to write them. I wrote many poems. This poem is called a Tanka Poem.  A Tanka Poem is a poem that does not rhyme and the first and third lines only have five syllables. However, the second, fourth, and fifth lines have seven syllables. This poem talks about a simple walk on the beach. This poem tries to show people that just simple things like a walk on the beach, has so many things in it and that you should be thankful and enjoy every part of it. Even if it’s small things.

Opinion Writing: Pizza Is The Best Food

You enter a pizzeria, the air is warm and you smell the pizza . You spot it, it’s warm with fresh sauce and melted cheese. Next to it is the same thing but this time with freshly washed vegetables on top. Finally you see the pizza with spicy and crispy pepperoni that melts in the cheese. Ever seen that picture before? Well I have!  Pizza is the best food! Pizza is the best food because, you can add many toppings, you can have the crust made however you want and you can have lots of sides.


One reason why pizza is the best food is because you can add so many toppings. For example, if you are a person who loves spicy food then you might like jalapenos or pepperoni on your pizza. Maybe you like vegetables, if you do you might like peppers, olives or mushrooms on your pizza.  Even better a veggie pizza that has almost all of the veggies! Are you not interested? That’s fine too. You can order just a cheese pizza. I like mushrooms, cheese and pepperoni on my pizza, there are so many varieties!


Did you know that sometimes different pizza places can let you order different crusts? That brings us to our next reason. Pizza is the best food because you can have the crust made however you like. You can get so many different kinds of pizza crust. For example, you can have hand tossed, crunchy thin, Brooklin style, gluten free and much more! Maybe you’re interested in stuffed crust with cheese inside!


Finally the last reason why pizza is the best food is because you can have so many sides. For example lots of people like garlic bread for a side. However, if you like veggies then you might want broccoli or green beans for a side. Of course you could always just have pizza and no side if that’s what you feel like.


Pizza is the best food because there are many toppings, you can have the crust made however you like and you can have many sides.

My Pirate Project

I learned that pirates were people who used ships and the ocean to steal from others. I also learned that pirates don’t like to fight which was pretty surprising! It turns out pirates didn’t like to fight because they were scared of getting hurt and they did not have a doctor if they did. Finally I learned that pirate captains could customize their own flags, I thought pirates all had the same flag design but then I saw flags that almost were complete opposites! This means to me that probably there are lots of things that people today don’t know about pirates, of course if we went back in time then it would be a totally different story. I think that to know much about pirates you’ll have to learn about how pirates roamed around many years ago and not worry about what we say today. I don’t think all pirate stories are myths or fake legends, in fact I think some of the stories are true. I think the legends might be actually from pirates witch makes them interesting. The myths and legends might tell of where a pirate actually hid his or her treasure. I think pirate myths and legends ( if you take them seriously) can teach people many things.


My pirate flag kind of looked scary. I put swords on both sides and a skull in the middle with a pirate hat, an eye patch and crossed bones in the background. I tried to make the skull look like a pirate by adding the eye patch and hat. To make it scary I added the swords but it didn’t make it scary as I wanted it to be. Doing this project makes me wonder how real pirate captains came up with their flags. Did they have help? Did they do it alone? I wonder if anyone knows.

My Hanukkah Google Doodle Story

In library we did a project called a “Hanukkah Google Doodle.” I had to code it. In this project I had to go to the scratch website. I started off with watching some simple videos. They showed me how to change the color of the letters so I made the letters light and dark blue in a pattern. I thought it looked cool. I tried to do some other things but in the end it accidentally got deleted. But now I know how to do it again!

I think what I did well was that I changed the colors and tried to not give up. I think next time I will use more videos to make my project better and be a little bit more patient.

My Thanksgiving Tree


On November 21st 2017 we did a project on what we are thankful for.

It is called our thanksgiving tree. In this project we were supposed to write on leaves what we are thankful for and we were supposed to glue the leafs on a tree.

In english I wrote life, animals, education, books and family. In hebrew I wrote friends, nature, hashem or god, shelter, health and torah.

This is why.

     Nature because nature is beautiful and peaceful.

Friends because they are nice and fun.

Hashem because he because He made the world.

Shelter because then I have a place to live.

Health because I don’t want to live in a hospital.

Torah because it is a privilege to read or even see it.

Life because then nobody could be alive.

Animals because they are cute and fun to learn about.

Education because then I can learn.

Books because I love to read and finally Family because they are kind, respectful and loving.


I liked this project. It was very fun.

My Florida State Seal

My Florida Seal

By Lily


In class, we did a project called My State Seal. I chose four Florida state symbols. My first symbol is the Sabal Palm. That is Florida’s state tree. I love the Sabal Palm because it’s  I drew two tall Sabal palm trees. The second symbol I drew are the manatees and dolphins. I drew the manatee and dolphin under water. Manatees and dolphins are Florida’s state mammals. I also picked these animals because they are some of my favorites. They are calm and some of the animals I would enjoy.  My third symbol is the Official Wild Flower. That is Florida’s state flower. I drew the Official Wild Flower in the sand. I think it looks pretty. Finally My fourth symbol is the Zebra longwing. That is Florida’s state butterfly. I drew this pretty butterfly flying over the sky.

I loved this project.

My Magical Cafe’ Advencher

On Friday in May on the 19th in 2017, the 3rd grade class made made a restaurant called the Magical Cafe’. It was a BLAST!!! I was a waitress and I took care of two tables with 4 people in each. It was a little bit hard but it was probably some of the best fun I’ve had all year! First I got to  my first table and I introduced myself then I asked if they wanted something to drink. I took their order and did the same thing to my second table. Then I went to the kitchen to get their drinks for them. There was a lot of commotion! There I learned that I have to be patient. Soon most of the drinks were at there rightful owners and I started to ask what people wanted to eat. On the menu there was a Breakfast Casserole, Banana Bread, Pancakes, Apple Walnut Greek Yogurt Dip, Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins and Fresh Fruit Salad. The drinks on the menu were Tea, Coffee, Water and Orange Juice. I think the Orange Juice, Casserole and Fruit Salad  were the most popular. After everybody got food I walked around asking if anyone needed anything. Some people needed refills and others were fine. Afterward I got to try some of the food. I liked the Banana Bread a lot. I loved being waitress. And next time I’ll know what it feels like to be waitress and whenever I go to the restaurant I will be grateful that they serve me.


This is my writing. I hope you like it and as we say…….. Have a magical day!!!!!     :]

Happy Birthday Isresl!

On May 2nd 2017 in 3rd grade, it was Yom HaAtzmaut or Israel’s birthday! Israel is 69 years old!!! Most classes got together in the sanctuary because we were going to do stations! We did not get to chose our stations, my hebrew teacher Morah Liat picked what station each class started with. My 3rd grade class went to Music first. I liked learning the songs and maybe some of them where ones I wished I could here every day. I don’t really know the order we did it in, but I think we did library next. When we got to the day school library we had to guess where pieces in Jerusalem . Me and Max were partners. I cut the pictures out and Max glued them down. Next I’m pretty sure we went to P.E. At P.E.  I played soccer and then I played Knock-out. Then we went to a station where we could eat falafel. I did not want to try falafel so I ate tomatoes. After I ate they had to get ready the food for the next group so we played a really fun game called “gomi”. It was fun! Then we went to learn about the Kotel. I put in a note that said ” I hope my baby cousins grow to have strong souls. Finally we went to art where we colored amazing pictures.

I love Yom HaAzmaut! I hope you do too and I hope you like my work. :]