Me In Egypt

I will tell you how I made “Me In Egypt”.

First I went on J.I. Studio. Then I picked pesah themed so that everything was based on pesah.Then I went to “backrounds” and picked out this awesome backround. After I went to “carectors” and found people to sute the project. Next I found a picture of me from back before our modle sader and with a stilest I erased the backround. I had to click “lock” before I eraced. Then I took a picture of my work and saved it so I could show all of you.


This is me in Egypt. I hope you like my work and have a nice day 🙂


How To Do A Handstand

For this project I decided to do “How To Do A Handstand.” I couldn’t wait to do a “how to book.”

First I did what I thought the book would be and look like,witch took a bit of time. And I tried to find information on websites. Second I checked my spelling and punctuation with Mrs.Ross. When she said I could do my final draft I was over joyed. Third I did my final draft and made shore my spelling and punctuation was correct. I did all the changes I discussed with my teacher.Then I went to the school’s library to work some more. At the library I……   used ” Book Creator ” and took pictures of my work. Then I recorded my work. After, I used ” Book Creator ” again and made the background different colors to make it more interesting. I felt very proud of my work. Now you may ask ” what did I do well and what not so well?”  Well… I think coming up with an idea was easy. I also think writing was easy because I love to write books. Making the cover was fun and easy. To make the cover more interesting I actually got to do a handstand! I had to do it against the wall but it was very fun. I almost think everything is perfect. But even I know my spelling might need some work. And I probably had some mistakes. But overall it was very good.

I would like to thank my teachers Mrs.Ross,  Mrs.Hallett, and Morah Liat for all of there amazing help on this project.

I hope you like my work. :]

Incredible Macaws

I made a book on macaws. First I researched in books, websites, and databases. Second I took notes in my organizer. Third I used the app Google Earth to take a picture of South America. I took a picture of South America because the Rainforest is in South America and my animal the macaw lives in the rainforest. Fourth I used the app Popplet to make a diagram of the macaw. The diagram shows you parts of the macaw. Fifth I put it all together to make a book. I drew pictures, added a introduction, and added a table of contents. Finally I changed the fount of my words and changed the background color and recorded. Next time I will try to work on my spelling and maybe add  more pictures. I will work on my recording also. I think I did a good job and I hope you liked the book.