Student Blogging Challenge

September 28th, 2011 by lilyh

My classmates and I are in the Student Blogging Challenge. In the Student Blogging Challenge they give us challenges for each week, these challenges help us with our blog. We also can look at other students blogs who are in the challenge.


3 Responses to “Student Blogging Challenge”

  1. shelly.zavon Says:

    Are you enjoying being in the Blogging Challenge? What are you learning from it? Do you think that the Middle School should also do it with us? If so, why?

  2. Mrs. Hernandez Says:

    Since you have not answered Mrs. Zavon’s questions yet, I will ask you the same questions (just read her comment above to see my questions). I also wonder if you have left many comments on other blogs in the challenge? What is your favorite part of the blogging challenge?

  3. caylac Says:

    Im in the blogging challenge to it is so much fun!

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