End of 3rd Grade Hebrew Sample

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Amazing Rainforest Toucan

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I made a book about a toucan. We researched our animal on world book online and pebble go and kiddle.co. Then I printed the articles. Then I read the articles. I put information on my organizer. Then I used Book Creator to make the book. I used facts from the organizer and wrote my conclusion and then I did my illustrations. I searched for a picture of the toucan on photosforclass.com and added labels in Popplet. I also added a page about the author. The last step was to record the book. I did a good job making my picture of the toucan on the cover look good. Next time I will research a different animal. And get more facts.

Coding: About Me Collage

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Book Character Balloon Over Broadway

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My Personal Narrative

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End-of-the-Year Appreciation

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Ben Franklin

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Ben Franklin is very cool and very smart.This year I was Ben Franklin.He made so many inventions.

He made bifocals. He was on a hundread dollar bill. He made the Franklin printer.


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