21 MarPassover Project: Pharoh Command

In Jewish studies, we did a “Passover Project”. My project is called Pharoh’s Command It was about how Pharoh told his salves to kill all the newborn baby boys so when they grow up the couldn’t take over Pharoh. It took me four tries just to get it but in the end, I got it done. Next time I would do better it being more fluent with my words.

Kyra- Pharoh’s Command from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

09 MarGolden Age of Piracy- Kyra

This week I learned that pirates  would make up stories to scare others. Pirates tried to avoid fighting because if the got a small  cut it could be way worse because they didn’t have any doctors on the ship. Also, they carried many flags to trick other ships. Pirate life is different from what I thought because I thought that all pirates liked fighting.  Instead some pirates tried to get out of fighting. People might think that pirates would only carry one flag but they did not. I used to think that pirates like fighting but I guess not. I think there are so many myths and legends about Pirates life  because people might of thought that they were fake. Also I think it because they talked about treasure and some people don’t believe in treasure. To me, pirates are almost like a fairytale.


I learned about pirate flags is that they liked to carry many flags. The reason pirates carried many flags is to trick people, also sometimes their flag would stand for who they are.  The flag that I created is a flag to trick people so if my ship pass by any other ship it would trick them into thinking that we were nice but secretly we weren’t.

17 JanGoogle Doodle

1.Press they green flag to get started.
2. Now click they space button to make they candle change many colors.

In library I made a google doodle. How I made the google doodle was I went to Scratch and then I clicked on the starter project then I watched some videos to give me ideas for what I should do. Once I got a idea for what I should do I got started. I first changed my background to a good chanuka theme, then I changed the color and letters to blue and a candle for the L. Then a friend helped me to make the candle change many different colors when you click the space button. I did well on the background  and changing the colors. I would not want to change anything if I got to do it again. That’s how I made my google doodle.

21 DecReading Project#2 Girls Who Code The Friendship Code

Girls who code is about four girls that are in middle school and they are in coding club.
But what you didn’t know is that one girls Lucy was getting random coding notes on her locker every day and they wanted to know who the mysterious note leaver was so they have to figure out how to read coding language and many more

If you like mysteries and adventures then this book is for you. Next thing you now you might be reading this book.

21 NovI am Thankful For…..

I am Thankful for…..


I am thankful for my family because they make me very happy and my parents because they help me when I’m struggling. Also I’m thankful for my sisters because I always have someone to play with. I am thankful for my bed because I always have something comfy to sleep or rest on. I’m thankful for my shoes so when I walk my feet don’t hurt. Also I’m very thankful for my aunts and uncles because they make me laugh when I’m feeling sad. I’m also thankful for food so I don’t starve. I’m thankful for clothes so when it’s cold I’m not freezing or when it’s hot out I won’t be sweating.

15 NovCreative Commons

10 NovMy Florida State Seal


I created my own Florida state seal, I included four state symbols. The first symbol I chose is the sunshine state because most of the time in Florida it is very sunny. The second symbol I chose is Florida’s state reptile the alligator because it is our one and only state reptile and it has built in goggles when it goes under water . Another symbol I chose is orange juice because it is Florida’s state sweet drink and because it grows best in Florida. The last symbol I chose is the orange blossom because it is Florida’s state domestic wild flower, I think it has a very pretty color mixture of yellow and orange. That’s  how I created my own Florida state seal.



15 AugSummer Reading Project #1 Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere by Elise Gravel

This summer I read the book Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere by Elise Gravel.  The main characters are Olga, Chuck, Meh, Mister, Mrs. Swoop, and Mr. Hoopah. When Olga sees rainbow poop in her backyard, she discovers a mysterious creature and takes home to experiment on him.  She decides to do research on him at the library and meets many people as she learns about the smelly creature. I like this book because it was an adventure and really funny. People that like books with drawings and cartoons and to laugh would like this book.  I rate this book a 10 out of 10 because it is cute, funny, and scientific which many people would like to read.

29 MayFairy Tale: The Three Little Beans and the Big Fat Blob

19 MayMagical Cafe’

Today we opened a Cafe’at our school for math to learn  about money. We collected money for tzedakah. We made delicious food like Banana bread, Blueberry muffins, and my favorite –  Breakfast Casserole and more. I was a waitress it was really hard being a waitress I  thought it would be easy but it was not.   I was glad that my friends were there to help me. I took many orders and got a lot of tips too!  Guess what –  I got to design the shirts that we wore. Here is what I will do better next time:  being patient and not getting frustrated and being calm. What I did well -being polite and not going crazy. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience.