18 OctLanguage Arts Grammar Board Game Reflection

In Language Arts, we made board games about the parts of speech. I began by researching nouns and pronouns. A noun is a person, place, or thing. There are five types of nouns: common, proper, abstract, collective, and concrete. A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. The seven types of pronouns are: demonstrative, indefinite, interrogative, personal, possessive, relative, and reflexive. With help from multiple classmates, we wrote down definitions, including examples, on two poster boards to hang up in the classroom.


To create the game, I was assigned adjectives. I was teamed up with Allie, who had adverbs. We combined both of our ideas to create a board and use the “wall” idea. The theme for our board game is candy and sweets. The name for our board game is “Spectacularly Sweet.” This name works well because it shows the theme of the game, and includes an adverb and an adjective.


Our game is slightly complicated, but fun to play. “Spectacularly Sweet” includes two major pieces: A game board and poster board wall with pegs on it. First, you choose a peg on the top of the wall. The three top pegs are labeled: one, two, and three. Then, you pick a card and answer the question. If you answer the question correctly, you take a green ball and drop it from the peg you have previously chosen. It will land in one of the three bags on the bottom of the poster board each labeled, one, two, and three. Depending on which bag it lands in, you move that many spaces forward. If you answer the question incorrectly, you take a red ball and drop it, and move that many spaces backwards. The player who gets to the end first wins.


The easiest part of creating the game was coloring the pieces and the board. That was the easiest part because it was relaxing. The part that I enjoyed the most was designing the board because I got to be creative and come up with the format and design.


When I played the game, I thought it was fun. It didn’t go completely the way we had planned it, but overall, it worked out well. I didn’t like that we were missing some of the cards we had previously made, but I remade the rest of the cards. Another small problem we had was that the ball occasionally missed the bag and fell on the floor. If I could change the game, I might make the background of the board more colorful.


I think the best age group to play our game are middle school aged students. This is because in our game, we had questions about different types of adjectives and adverbs. I think that the level of our game is advanced because it is challenging.


I think this was a worthwhile project. I learned about different types of adjectives and adverbs by having to come up with questions for them. I also got to be creative by designing and coloring the board and the pieces. To get everything done on time, I had to use my time wisely. In conclusion, I think this was a worthwhile project that involved a lot of work and planning.


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