Art? Learning? What Do They Have In Common?

            Do you think art has education? Many people  think art is just a way of expressing yourself. Yes, art expresses yourself but art also helps with language arts and math skills. Some schools have short art classes, other schools don’t even have art. Those schools should have at the most 50 minutes of art once a week.

         I think every school should have art because art has math like fractions, geometric shapes, symmetry, and measurement.   Modern art is mostly geometric shapes, such as the art by Piet Mondrian.  Students all over the world study and copy his work.

       Art is like language arts.  It describes adjectives, explanations, and vocabulary. When an artist creates their work, they usually have an explanation for it.  One of my favorite artists is Romero Britto.  He is a pop culture artist.  The New York Times described his work as, “exudes warmth, optimism and love.”  Many people use descriptive words to tell about art.  A New Day 2001 20" x 27" Acrylic on Canvas

      But most of all art has creativity like using your imagination, mental thinking ( plans for idea), and inspiration. Kids need that creativity for a better future.

                                                                    How you can help

           You should persuade friends ( like a team) and then convince others for art or,  if you are an adult you can persuade even a principal or friends that art education should be in all schools.

                                                                Others’ agreements

                These are other people that agree for more art.

                For an animation imagination lets hope that there will be more art in each school.

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