Torah in 3D סמל הפרשה

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February 4th 2018 3rd Grade, Art, Jewish Studies

Parashat HaShavua in 3D סמל הפרשה

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January 23rd 2018 3rd Grade, Jewish Studies

Coding: About me Collage

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December 22nd 2017 3rd Grade, Library

Book Character Balloon Over Broadway

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Captain Underpants

November 19th 2017 3rd Grade, Library


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November 8th 2017 3rd Grade, Library, Social Studies

Joey’s Personal Narrative

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Joey’s personal narrative video from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.


October 30th 2017 3rd Grade, Writing

Sample Hebrew Reading

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June 5th 2017 2nd Grade, Jewish Studies, Reading

End-of-the-Year Appreciation

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May 23rd 2017 2nd Grade, Library

Famous Inventor

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Hi my name is Joey. I was Philo Farnsworth  for famous inventors. My famous inventor made the tv and the  video  camera. He was famous  for his many contrebeutions.

May 22nd 2017 2nd Grade, Social Studies



May 17th 2017 Math