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Would the Death Star Beat the Enterprise?

“The Death Star would wreck the Enterprise,” said every Star Wars fan ever. “The Enterprise would totally beat the Death Star,” said every Star Trek fan ever. The facts only prove one true. The Enterprise would be finished before it would do any damage to the Death Star. The Death Star would win because it has more crew, better weapons, it’s bigger, and has the whole dark side supporting it(“Death Star”). The Death Star is a space station while the Enterprise is only a star cruiser, an intergalactic cruise ship not designed for war.

The crew of the Death Star is not comparable to the Enterprise. The Death Star has over 440 times the crew of the Enterprise. The Enterprise has a crew of (“Odyssey Class”) 2,509 (“Odyssey Dreadnought Cruiser”). The Death Star has a total crew, including robots, of 1,102,816 (“Death Star”). Just the crew of the Death Star would overwhelm the Enterprise. Imagine 440 sharks attacking one manatee, that’s a comparison of how extreme it would be.

The Enterprise has only six main weapons, only one of which is better than the Death Star worst weapon (“Odyssey Class”). The Death Star has over 20,000 weapons, including a laser that can destroy a planet. All the other cannons, blasters, and turbo lasers, are spread around it (“Death Star”). The Death Star has weapons much better than the Enterprise. Watching all the Star Wars movies and seeing how powerful the Death Star is will be enough to convince anyone the Death Star would win.

The Death Star is much bigger than the Enterprise. The Death Star is 120 km in depth, width, and height. The Death Star is 120 cubed km. The Enterprise is 5.873 cubed km. The Death Star could just crash into the Enterprise and break it sustaining minimal damage itself. The Death Star is the size of a moon, while the Enterprise is a small crater on that moon. Seeing the Death Star compared to the planet it destroyed, it was huge.

There are many ways the battle would end. Here are the most likely ones.The Death Star would hold the Enterprise with its force fields until it could charge up its super weapon, the laser, it would fire destroying the Enterprise. Another scenario is that while the Death Star is holding the Enterprise, the crew would beam (teleport) into the Death Star, then it would be either the Death Star fires first or the crew of the Enterprise can find the engine room, since finding the main control room would result in a swift death. They would have to search hundreds of thousands of rooms while the Death Star was charging its weapon. There is one more way in which everyone from both ships would die. The Enterprise could eject its warp drive engine which explodes upon destabilization. If the Enterprise would be able to get a safe distance away it would be crippled from flying at light speed which would mean the next ship to come would destroy it.

After all the data, are you convinced yet? The Death Star would beat the Enterprise 440 to 1. The Death Star has better weapons, a larger crew, and it’s much bigger. The Enterprise has 1 to 440 chance of winning, not counting total annihilation of both ships. Imagine dropping 440 whales on car, that’s a comparison that would give accurate results.
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Being a shamash means starting the good. When u lights the shamash you start lighting the Hanukkah candles which is good. It can also mean lighting ones day like the shamash lighting all the candles. It can also mean being a leader as the shamash is leading the candles.

We recently finished the book outsiders by S.E. Hinton. This is the article about one part of the book


Stabbing at the Lot!!!

OMN (Oklahoma Main News) On October 30, 1965 a boy was stabbed in the park.

When police arrived at the scene they found the dead body of Bob Sheldon, who was commonly called Bob. He has stab wounds from an attack in which he was stabbed to death. This happened during the night.

Randy, a witness at the scene says, “Earlier tonight the boys, Ponyboy Curtis and

Johnny Cade were trying to take our girlfriends at the drive in. We showed up and told them to stop. They left later and we picked the girls up. Something happened and we saw them at the park so we went there. We were talking trash and Bob told one of the boys to give Curtis a bath. He took Curtis and stuffed his face into the fountain. After Curtis went limp Cade took his knife and stabbed Bob to death. We ran away”.

The police questioned Curtis brothers and found out Ponyboy ran off upset an hour before

the stabbing. The police still have not found the two boy. Sources tell us that the boys

are heading to Texas. The authorities are still investigating the scene and will learn more as time goes on.

The tanach is the Torah, Nevi’im and the Ketuvim. I understand the importance of tanach but would not offer it for all three years. I would offer it for 7th-8th grade but not 6th. They could have an extra prayer teaching class to make sure they know all the prayers.

In the Tanach class we would study the weekly parsha and learn about it in more depth.
Once a week we would also take only class period applying it to real life. Applying the tanach with real life will give students the advantage of feeling closer to God and understanding more.

We would also study the prayers for part of the class time because no one is perfect with
their prayers. I would not make the students learn words and would mix that in with Hebrew class. If the class had any questions we would discuss them as a group and would make it an education discussion.

This week for our mitzvah we cleaned the new cemetery and visited the old one. There we saw the galinskies who left over 2 million dollars. Also people like Morah Eta’s mother and Scott Zimmerman. The mitzvah is one of the most important and holy ones. It is called respecting the elderly

This is important because dead people deserve respect. They should at least half symbols of them clean and tidy. This is also important because some families and can’t clean there relatives grave of have none. This is also helping the Jewish community and is a nice thing to do.

There were two parts of the project that were meaningful to me. There was a grave were we couldn’t even read the big letters. We made it look like it was new. If the family comes it will mean a lot to them. The second part was when we were saying a prayer for Scott. Even though I didn’t know him well he sounded like a great man who should be respected.

I loved the book. I would suggest it to any age because everyone would enjoy it. The author, Gordan Corman wrote the book. Donavan, a very mischievous kid, does the worst thing he’s done yet. It landed the most unfit kid, into the academy, a school called Academy for Scholastic Distinction. 

Read the book and find out his crazy adventures. They include robots YouTube fighting and even more robots. There are seven other kid in his class. Each amazingly smart for something else. Read the book to find out the story of Donovan Curtis.

You are very brave for deciding to go to Israel at this time. I hope nothing happens to you and you complete your university course. There are thousands of men and woman keeping you safe so you don’t have to worry. Finish your course and become a more amazing person then you already are.
                                                       Mjgds student,

My dad comes towards me. He says under his breath “I love you Shawn I love you” he has tears in his eyes. He then says to himself “No, I will give him one more night, one more calm night.” I now understand why the lady who stays with me left. He wanted one night with me before he kills me.

    I’m in my crib. I can hear a cricket outside. Its dark but my eyes have adjusted. They have decided to look at my legs. I see my fingers moving around. I think how my dad will kill me. Was he going to shoot me? Was he going to suffocate me? I had so many questions? How was it going to feel? I was scared.
At one point I fall asleep. 

I wake up when my dad opens my blinds. He comes over, kisses me, and says he loves me again. Then he leaves the room. I don’t know how much time passes. I hear my door open. My dad comes in and takes me out of the crib. He brings me into the kitchen. It’s time for my breakfast. After about an hour I finish my bowl of cereal. My dad wheels me to the living room. He puts me on the couch.

I hear him take a pillow off the couch. Before he can do anything I hear Paul says “Do u have the luggage”. Then he is about to say something and stops. He sees my dad holding a pillow and me lying on the couch. He drops his phone and runs towards me. He then says “don’t take another step towards Shawn.”

 Now everyone’s in the room. My dad’s start speaking but Paul cuts him off and says “Cindy calls the cops. If you even move I will knock you out’’ he said to dad. Then I feel it. A seizure. I start laughing uncontrollably and next thing that happens I’m flying. For the first time I have a purpose. I’m trying to fly as far away as I can. Next thing I remember is I’m in the living room.

    I am watching T.V. and I hear on the news. Sidney E. McDaniel has been charged for attempted murder and has been sentenced to 30 years in jail without chance of parole. I’m shocked. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. All I know is my life will never is the same.

T is important to remember those who aren’t with us anymore. Remembering people who aren’t here anymore is important because even though they are not here, they were here. Would we want to be remembered when we died. Yes, of course we would so we should remember those before us.

This year I will remember my grand grandma. She was amazing. I knew her for about 11 years. Every time I talked to her she would ask if we would come visit her. We did come sometimes. She was a very interesting person. She also baked cookies and everyone likes those.

God has many reasons for demanding us to be happy. He wants us to enjoy part of life and not only suffer. It means a lot me because just thinking about it makes you happier. This is because epic you have a positive mindset you will be happier. Happiness makes everyone’s good side come out which is nice to see.