Keep Calm And Stay Strong

by Jolie W

Characters from Different Novels Can Be Alike!!

on April 11, 2014

I think that Devorah from The Night of The Burning is like  Prim from The Hunger Games. I think that she is like Prim because in the beginning of the book, when Katniss had to go to the Hunger Games, Prim kept holding on to her not wanting her to leave her. That is exactly what Devorah did to Nechama, or Naomi, when she got adopted. Both of them were so attached to their sisters and both of them relied on them so much. Another reason why I think they are so alike is because Devorah and Prim both had to deal with so much in their life and then they got separated from each other. For example, Devorah lost everyone in her family besides Nechama, or Naomi, and survived the night of the burning. For Prim, she lost her dad, and Katniss had to take care of her because her mom was so surprised and depressed, she was not able do it. The last reason is that by the end of both of the books, they each learned how to live without their sister.




I think that Nechama, or Naomi, from The Night of The Burning is like Katniss, also from The Hunger Games. I think Nechama is like Katniss for a few reasons. The first reason is that they both tried new things. The second reason is that they both left their sisters by choice. The third reason is that when they got separated from their sister, they both grew up a little. The fourth reason   they are alike is because they both saw and went through times when people that they loved died.  The fifth and last reason is that they both were brave enough to move away from their home.



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