Tears of a Tiger

Alcohol is a killer. People die everyday from driving under the influence or being a victim of a mistake of somebody who was under the influence. Rob, a character from the book Tears of a Tiger, by Sharon draper, was both a victim and a killer.


The big plot of the book was when four High School boys were in a car. They got into a crash because the driver, Andy, was drunk, along with two others who were in the car, causing one of them to die, Rob. This is an example of things that occur all the time in “real life”. Showing the results of this incident, including the impact it had on all of the boys and their friends, could influence and warn young readers to be responsible.


The author, Sharon Draper, had to have put a lot of thought into this book to make it have such an impact. The different perspectives of the characters, including the poems, letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, and police reports really added to the understanding of the situations on all sides of the story.


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