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Today, Mrs. Tolisano came in, and we were talking about hyperlinking.  My class wrote a “post” about “Surfing The Web”, and we tried to incorporate as many links as we could. Just remember, I am still new at hyperlinking, so just try to bear with me.

On our blogs, we embedded a Clustr map. A Clustr map is a world map that you can add as a widget on your blog (top right corner) that shows you the location of the visitors on your blog. I have been surfing the virtual globe to countries all around the world such as Czech Republic, Thailand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and the Philippines. They have commented on my blog, so I have been trying my best to comment back.

The way you get a hyperlink, is you look at the top of your post, 

Then you click on the link I pointed to in blue (above). After you click that, you will find a box in the middle of your page. In the text box on top, it says “URL”. Thats where you put the link. On the next box, it says name. Now that is where you type what the reader will see. When you post it, it will show the name of the link, and not the link.

Thank you for your time, and keep reading!

3 thoughts on “Surfing The Web

  1. avatarDr. Jon Mitzmacher

    What a great post Jamie! I love the screen shots and diagrams! That isn’t easy to do…I know. You really worked hard on this one!

    You are doing a great job hyperlinking! Keep it up!

    1. avatarJamie

      Thank you! I definitely will keep it up. Now it is part of our assignments’ not only to write a blogpost, but to add hyperlinks, and other media.

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