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Before I start talking about quad blogging, you need to know what it is. Your guess is probably four people, who blog together, but no. It’s WAY more than that!

Quad blogging is when four classroom blogs blog, and comment on each other’s blogs. There are four weeks, and four classroom blogs from around the world, with student blogs linked to it ( Czech Republic, Switzerland, Thailand, and of course us, USA). Each week one class posts, and the three other classes comment on that blog. That’s how it works each week.

Now that you have an idea of what quad blogging is, let me tell you a little about our class’s experience with quad blogging.

With our class during quad blogging, we used a commenting and post writing rubric, which would tell you what you need to do to become an “expert” blogger. From the rubric I feel that my entire class (including me) has improved on not only writing skills, but expressing our feelings about the post we are writing or commenting on, and putting it into our work, in a creative manner. This experience is fantastic for our learning in creative writing, and really made me change from “capable” to “expert”.

I loved this experience, because I got to “meet” new people through my favorite type of writing, blogging. I met Sine, Angelina, Jessica, Nalin, Samantha, Tess, Anezka, Emilka R, and Amandine through this wonderful program.

I truly will cherish this experience of quad blogging from now, till whenever there will be a touch-screen tv! (:

2 thoughts on “Quad Blogging

  1. avatarStephanie Teitelbaum

    I really enjoyed reading your post because you had so much enthusiasm in your description. I’m so thrilled to know that you felt it was a memorable experience. Your writing continues to improve daily. Great job on the best and definitely worthy of our “Post of the Week”!

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