Never Forget the 6 Million

Last Thursday was Yom Hashoah, or a Holocaust Remembrance day. The Holocaust was when 6,000,000 Jewish people were murdered by the Nazi’s because of the Jewish belief. The awful part was that it wasn’t even the Jewish belief that the Nazi’s didn’t like, it was the fact that the people were Jewish. So many people died as a result of this. We should continue to remember the acts and stories from the Holocaust so it never happens again. It is important to tell the stories of both survivors and those who unfortunately did not survive so people are informed about what really happened.


In order to make sure we, and generations following us, don’t forget these stories is by teaching them the background and passing along the stories. Once they know why this all happened and what exactly happened, they will understand that it was pure evil and was not deserved. 6,000,000 people did not deserve to die because the Nazi’s wanted to see them dead. That’s not how the world works, or should ever work. This is why we must remember.

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