Last Mitzvah Trip

This is one of your last school sponsored mitzvah projects. What is the one project we have not done that you would like to do? Since I won’t be scheduling mitzvah projects what project will you take on for yourself?

Next week will be one of our last mitzvah projects. One project that we have not done yet is a beach clean up. I think it would be not only beneficial for the animals in the ocean that could be killed from pollution, but also for the environment.

For my last mitzvah trip I would like to go to the cemetery to clean gravestones. This has been the most powerful mitzvah trip for me throughout all three years doing mitzvah trips so I would like to be able to go one last time together. I have yet to find my family in the cemetery, which I have just recently been told has been buried there, so I would really like to go and clean their gravestones.

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