Hiddur Mitzvah

JacksonvilleJewishCenterBrandihillcom-389Last week’s parsha was parsha Teruma. This is when we were given the mitzvah of Hiddur Mitzvah. The commandment tells us to beautify a mitzvah.
Basically, it means to not just do the bare minimum when following a mitzvah, but to enhance it by going above and beyond.
One example of how I have used this mitzvah in my own life is at my Bat Mitzvah. The way we “beautified” the mitzvah was by having flowers on the bimah and getting a pretty tallis. Another example is during Sukkot. We make decorations for Sukkahs and make them look nicer. brandihillcomJacksonvilleJewishCenterBrandihillcom-175

While this mitzvah is probably not as important as some of the others, it is nice to do. Following a commandment from the Torah should be something special that you cherish in a beautiful way.



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  1. avatarEdith Horovitz

    These are both excellent examples of Hiddur Mitzvah! I personally love decorating my sukkah. I am not the most artistic but I have a lot of fun doing it anyway.


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