Ha Lachma Anya

As a part of the Passover sedar, we get to the point where there is a paragraph called the הא לחמא עניא. This is about how you should welcome anybody who needs or wants to have a Passover sedar with you.  This is very important because it shows that you are supposed to allow anybody who is hungry to celebrate with you. Even in the times of the earliest Passover sedars there were less-fortunate people who needed help to have a sedar and have food. This reminds me of when we have our mitzvah trips on Fridays and help the hungry. Being a part of the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and doing weekly mitzvah trips helps me help others by delivering food to the homeless, donating the needy, and helping animals in our community. This Jewish value of giving is very important to me because it makes you feel good knowing you did something to help somebody. The biggest impact it has made on me is that I am now more grateful for what I have.


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