As a part of our Jewish day school, we have Jewish study classes to educate us on the background, language, and belief of our religion. One of these classes is Tanach class. The Tanach is a book that includes the Torah, Nevi’im, and the Ketuvim. We study this book as a way to develop our belief and learn our history/morals that go along with it.

Last week, somebody had asked what the point of learning Tanach is, so to answer this broad, yet good, question, our Tanach teacher organized a panel of teachers and rabbis. We received some really good answers which made me think about my own belief and my own Jewish education.

If I were in charge of making a program for Jewish Studies classes, I would focus on three main things: language, laws in current times, and belief. The first category would be learning how to speak, write, and read in Hebrew. The second one would be learning the laws of the Torah and how to use them in modern times and in daily life. The third one would be learning stories of the bible, finding their morals, and talking about how we can relate this to us/our thoughts.

I, personally, really like discussion-based classes because it really keeps me interested, so that is what I based this on. I feel that having this interactiveness would benefit our particular age group to keep us all more interested and focused.

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  1. avatarMarci Rogozen

    A lot of students mention that they miss having more time for discussion. I have some ideas that will help us move forward in a different way and might make time for more discussion.


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