Andy’s Character Development

Recently I finished a book called Tears of a Tiger, by Sharon Draper. In the book, one of the main characters, Andy, was drunk and got into a car crash, killing his friend Rob. The major theme of this book was Andy’s guilt and how he dealt with this tragedy.


Andy is like many young people today. He can be dumb and he can be irresponsible, but he can also feel guilty. He was the cause of the death of one of his best friends, which is the irresponsible and dumb part. What happened after caused the guilt.


Andy is different than most teens because he became depressed after his friend was killed. While I know there are many depressed teens out there, which is awful, the average teen is not. Andy’s personality in the book went from having a good time with his friends to being depressed and eventually killing himself. Obviously, this is a very drastic change.

Andy changed a lot throughout the course of the novel. As stated before, he was happy and having a good time with his friends. He later becomes depressed because of his huge mistake. This sounds like a normal teen’s feelings if this ended up happening to that “normal teen”. Overall, Andy’s character development goes from 100 to 0 real quick.

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