1/3 of the World!

Hello WWW! I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately; 6th grade keeps me very busy with homework! I was looking at my Clustrmap today when I noticed something interesting. I saw that I had LOTS of countries on my Clustrmap. Well, I counted all of the countries, and there was 62. There is 196 countries in the world, so that means that people from about 1/3 of the world have visited my blog. I have 1/3 of the world!

Hunger- A Major Problem In The World

For school and the Student Blogging Challenge, we had to write a post about a major problem. I chose hunger because it is a problem that kills many people. Also, two continents are majorly affected by it (Africa and Asia). It is a problem because of unemployment. Because people are unemployed, they don’t have money for food. Then they have to starve to death. Did you know that one out of seven people in the world are starving? Considering that there are seven billion people in the world, that means that one billion people are starving!

People know about hunger, and they try to help in many ways. One way people are helping about hunger is using the WWW : websites spring up against hunger. One of these websites is freerice. Another way people are helping in my school is a program called FANN. FANN (Feed A Needy Neighbor) is a program that gives food to a shelter that our school collects. What can be done in the future? People can give money  to a charity or homeless shelter. They can speak out and tell what can be done. They can give jobs to people so they have money to buy food. Here is a website called Stop Hunger Now. It is a program that has been giving meals to families and children in need for thirteen years!

There is always somebody who is worse off than you. You should help the most as you can with a problem in the world. Remember : Everybody appreciates some help.

People campaigning against hunger

Image Credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/figgenhoffer/3902982614/