Journal 11- Giving as part of our Thanks

Last week, we went on a mitzvah trip, but since we had a short week, we did our main trip on Tuesday. We delivered bags of food and frozen turkeys to 30+ families who, otherwise, wouldn’t have any food for Thanksgiving. There were also a few families who were living in hotels, so we gave them pre-baked chicken from Publix. I think that we did this because to truly appreciate what we have and to give thanks on Thanksgiving, we need to actually give.

This definitely enhanced my Thanksgiving. When I sat around my table with all of my family, looking at the table piled down with food, I remembered those who we gave to and how happy they were. I was more grateful for what I had. It’s shocking to me that even today, in 2014, there are nearly 900 million in the world who are hungry. There is more thn enough food to feed these people; we just need to give the food to them.

“If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday.” – Isaiah 58:10


Our project relates to the verse because it shows to importance of feeding the hungry. I personally feel that hunger is the worst thing that could happen to a family, and I find it meaningful that we can perform this mitzvah. It says in the verse that our “light”, our power to help, will rise and aid those in need. The most meaningful visit to me was a man who had two young children. He was absolutely surprised and thrilled to see us, and we definitely made his day.

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