MJGDS Knesset Elections!

         Right before winter break, my school had its student council elections. Our student council is called Knesset, after the government in Israel. In my grade, you are allowed to run for Treasurer of Rosh Tefillah. I ran for Treasurer against my friends Lily and Shoshana. We made posters and a banner to hand in the gym.We were even allowed to make a campaign video, but I didn’t have the time. We also made stickers and flyers to pass out. 

      Then, on Thursday morning, we said our speeches. My friend Justin was helping me with my campaign, and he was supposed to wave my poster around while I said my speech. But Justin wasn’t there that day, so I had Ethan do it instead. Next, we voted for the candidates. I remember I was so nervous and kept saying, “I’m going to lose! I’m going to lose!” At about 1:30, the teacher in charge of elections, Morah Eta, called the candidates up to the office. We were going to find out who won! She went to Treasurer and said… Jake! I won! Later, Shoshana got voted as 2nd Delegate for the class. Cayla was the first. Congratulations to all the members of the new MJGDS Knesset!

 Click here for the list of the whole Knesset.


Grandfriends Day Interview

Today at MJGDS was the Intergenerational Friends day. This is when your relatives or friends come to school and you tell them about what happens at MJGDS. My class showed our blogs, and we had to interview our guest.

I interviewed my teacher Morah (teacher in hebrew) Mazal. Morah Mazal had no pets, but as a kid she helped take care of all the stray animals. Where she lived, the animals were allowed to run around. Her favorite book was The Girl From South Africa. She liked it because of the good pictures and the setting of the story. Morah Mazal’s first movie was Lassie Returns Home. Mazal’s favorite game was called “Five Stones”. One of her special memories was when her sister knitted a blue sweater for her because she lost her first tooth. She learned Hebrew when she was little. Her favorite Jewish holiday was Sukkot because it was her birthday! She has not only been to Israel-she was born and lived there for 23 years! When she lived in Israel, there was no T.V., no refrigerators, no phone! We wouldn’t survive back then without all of our modern-day inventions!

The Be A Mensch Campaign

My Fifth Grade class is participating in the Be a Mensch Campaign. A mensch is a Yiddish word meaning a kind or friendly person that respects others’ feelings. We’ve already learned two values in this program. The first value is compassion (the word in Hebrew is rachamim). The second important value was about not embarrassing others (the words in Hebrew are lo l’vayesh).

Every week, we get a booklet full of activities for the Be A Mensch. One of the activities is a story. We read the story and then we read the questions. The questions are about the story that we read. We have to do the questions with our parents for homework. There is a smaller story on the back cover that we answer questions about in class. The teachers that are doing the project are Morah Liat, Morah Etah and Mrs. Zavon. Here is a post about the Be A Mensch project that my friend Shoshana already wrote. Are you a Mensch?

A license plate that supports the Be A Mensch Campaign

Image Credit : http://peepleofthebook.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html



Frog Invasion!

        Recently, MJGDS had a fundraiser. It was called UnFrogettable! Our teachers had been wearing frog laynards. WE wanted our own frog! We filled out this handbook, and then we got a frog! We were told that if we sold magazines, then we would get MORE frogs! I sold 6 magizines. There were other prizes. Like if you sold 30 you get a flashlight. If you sold 50 you get a “flying  frog”. If you sold 100 you get a huge 100 dollar pillow and $100! We sold  LOTS of magizines!

Smile! A Flashing Morning

This morning, instead of doing work we did a activity that involved cheese and flashes- it was picture day!

First for a Flashy morning they took a Staff Picture. A mom came to watch us for 10 minutes. Then the whole school took a picture. I dislike this. Then I took a picture with my sister, who is in Kindergarten. Then I prayed in honor of Shabbas starting. Next I took the class picture, then the indivudials. I really liked this “cheesy” morning!