Reviewing the SBC

I am writing this post to review the Student Blogging Challenge. This is for the last challenge.

Questions :

Q: Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

A: I visited the challenge site, but my teacher also usually showed the post for this week in class.

Q: Which challenges were the most useful?

A: I think the challenges that taught us to do things (like add a link or image attribution) were the most useful.

Q: Which challenges were the most interesting?

A: I think the ones that challenged us to do things like make a post or a glogster were the most interesting. Overall, the ones that were the most interactive.

Q: What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post

A: I wouldn’t need them because the Challenge and my teacher Mrs.Hernandez taught me everything I really need to know.

Q: Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

A: I liked them (considering I was mentioned about 3 times ), but I think they really weren’t useful.

Q: Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

A: They were interesting, and I could use them. But a problem I had is that I see all these cool widgets that other kids’ blogs’ have, and I can’t put them on my blog.

Q: Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

A: Yes. A lot of other choices and it helped that you told us blogs to visit and comment on.

Q: Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes?

A: Yes. My class (MJGDS 5th Grade) teachers took about 2 of the posts Miss W. wanted us to do and made us do them.

Q: Did you make global connections?

A: Definatly. I made connections with all the commenters on my blog and the Count Out Three game helped also.

Looking Back On My Blog Since The SBC

I am here to give you a brief summary of how my blog has grown since September 8, the day Mrs. Hernandez created this blog. This is my 53rd post! 15 (including this one) was about the Student Blogging Challenge. I have had 152 comments, the first on September 13 by……… Mrs. Hernandez! I and the rest of my class has to thank her so much for cresting our blogs and entering us in the SBC and guiding us and being such a good teacher! The post that got the most comments was Where I Want To Go. I think it got many comments because it was focused on two popular topics : traveling and New York City.

Ways to Get More Comments

This post is for Student Blogging Challenge Week 8, Activity 3

1. Comment on others’ blogs’ If somebody goes on a blog that you commented on, and you left the link to your blog, that person might decide to comment.

2. Have a “Pass a Story Around My Blog” post when you have one of these posts’, you give the starting sentence to a post and people comment on tha post to continue the story. Here is a example that I made.

3. Create interesting posts If you have interesting posts, people will be motivated to comment.

4. Student Blogging Challenge For this week’s challenge, we are playing a game where you have to comment on other peoples’ blogs’ in the Challenge.

5. Polls If you have polls on your blog, then people might comment to say, “I voted,” or “Cool poll! Can you teach me to make one?” I use Polldaddy for my polls.

6. Be social in your posts Give news from around the world, and people might comment to say something like “Did you hear about that other problem?”

7. *This idea is for students’ only*  Blog about what you learned in school People might comment back to say something like, “I learned something new today,” or “Now I know how to add!”

8. Blog about recent holidays If you blog about your holidays, then people internationally might comment on their holidays or traditions.

9. Have questions in your posts  If you have questions in your posts, then people will comment back to answer the question.

10. Write commenting posts Write a post that encourages people to comment. Here is one my friend Shoshana made & Here is one I made to celebrate 101 comments.

Here is a link to a notaland poster I made.

My Family

My family is really big. We have four kids! I am the only boy. My oldest sister is 5, the next 4, the last 2. My grandparents from my mother’s side lives 9 miles from us, so we are really close. My other grandparents live about 50 miles from us in Palm Coast. My aunt lives in a different part of Jacksonville. My other aunt also lives in Palm Coast! My Great-Grandmother lives in Jacksonville also! I have Great-Great Aunts and Uncles who are “snowbirds”, meaning that they have a winter home in Florida and a summer home in New York. My Great-Aunt and Uncle live in Long Island. My two cousins live there also. Some of my other cousins live in Palm Coast. From my grandmother, I have realtives in Israel! I also have a MUCH bigger family……… the Jews! This goes to show that you have people related to you in places you don’t even know about.

Hunger- A Major Problem In The World

For school and the Student Blogging Challenge, we had to write a post about a major problem. I chose hunger because it is a problem that kills many people. Also, two continents are majorly affected by it (Africa and Asia). It is a problem because of unemployment. Because people are unemployed, they don’t have money for food. Then they have to starve to death. Did you know that one out of seven people in the world are starving? Considering that there are seven billion people in the world, that means that one billion people are starving!

People know about hunger, and they try to help in many ways. One way people are helping about hunger is using the WWW : websites spring up against hunger. One of these websites is freerice. Another way people are helping in my school is a program called FANN. FANN (Feed A Needy Neighbor) is a program that gives food to a shelter that our school collects. What can be done in the future? People can give money  to a charity or homeless shelter. They can speak out and tell what can be done. They can give jobs to people so they have money to buy food. Here is a website called Stop Hunger Now. It is a program that has been giving meals to families and children in need for thirteen years!

There is always somebody who is worse off than you. You should help the most as you can with a problem in the world. Remember : Everybody appreciates some help.

People campaigning against hunger

Image Credit :

SBC Achievement!

This week’s challenge was about creativity. I was able to complete all of the activites! I combined Activity 1 and Activity 4 into one post. I wrote a post that links to other posts. You can look at it here. I left the comments for Activities five & six. The only activity I didn’t do was Activity 2 because there was no website. Have you ever completed anything that you were really proud of?

Food, Glorious (Organic) Food!

Eating organic is VERY important. Somebody might think, “eating organic is for health freaks”, but it’s NOT. Organic foods are foods that fall into one of these categories : 1. No pestisdes are used to make it. 2. It wasn’t made in a labatory. Many foods are made with pestisdes that are posinous and ingredients that can give you cancer. Corn Syrup and Cottonseed Oil are two examples. People might also think, “Isn’t organic and natural the same thing?” NO.

Natural foods follow category 2, but not category 1. They aren’t made from a labatory, but they may have corn syrup and pestisdes. Natural foods are still good, but not as good as organic foods. THey are made from ingredients that came from the earth. Whole Foods is a natural & organic store. Native Sun  is an organic only store. Organic & Natural foods cost more because less people buy them. If more people buy organic & natural foods, then the price will go down.


Here is the Blog Action Day Link.

After School Relaxing

   I like to do lots of things to relax. After school I like to play on my computer. I like to play on my Facebook account. Another website I like to go on is I also like to play with my Lego sets. I have a 3-foot tall bin full of Legos! What I also like to do is read. I sometimes read a book while my games are loading! I read really fast, and LOVE to read. Sometimes I also do Cub Scout activities. Lastly I like to edit my blog! What do you like to do to relax?

Pass a Story Around My Blog!

I am going to start a story in this post. After I write a sentence to start the story, my WWW visitors can keep the story going by making a sentence for the story. Then they can add it to the story in a comment. Make sure to comment on this blog!

Here is the starter sentence :

Once a boy was walking to school on a stormy, misty day…….