Math Blog Post- Stories With Holes

For this math blog post, I decided to make a few stories with holes. 

1. A man goes to his rabbi and says, “Rabbi, is this bacon kosher?” The rabbi takes one look at it and says, “Yes.” How?

2. Two men walk into a bar. One man goes to the bartender and says, “I’ll have a glass of H2O.” The man next ot him says, “I’ll have some H2O, too.” He drinks it and then dies. Why?


1. The bacon was made out of soy.

2. H2O2 is the chemical combination for hydrogen peroxide. The bartender thought he meant that, so he gave him peroxide.

Math Blog Post- Stories With Holes

I decided to solve two Stories With Holes this week as my math blog post. Enjoy!

1.  How can half of eight be three?

Answer: The actual digit 8 is made up of two three’s- one forwards and one backwards. Try it on a piece of paper!

7. “This parrot will repeat any words it hears,” said the pet shop owner.  A lady bought the bird but brought it back a week later to complain that the bird had not yet spoken a single word.  Yet the salesperson had told the truth.  Explain.

Answer: The parrot is deaf.