A Random Act of Kindness That I Did

One time, I did a random act of kindness. It happened last year. 4th and 5th Grade went to Kennedy Space Center. We brought some money so we could purchase souvieners at the KSC shop. My friend Justin brought $20. We ate lunch and then we were going to the shop, but first we went to the bus to get our money. Justin couldn’t find his money. He was so upset. I had $25, so I gave him $20 of my own just because he was my friend.


A picture showing to do kind things

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The Be A Mensch Campaign

My Fifth Grade class is participating in the Be a Mensch Campaign. A mensch is a Yiddish word meaning a kind or friendly person that respects others’ feelings. We’ve already learned two values in this program. The first value is compassion (the word in Hebrew is rachamim). The second important value was about not embarrassing others (the words in Hebrew are lo l’vayesh).

Every week, we get a booklet full of activities for the Be A Mensch. One of the activities is a story. We read the story and then we read the questions. The questions are about the story that we read. We have to do the questions with our parents for homework. There is a smaller story on the back cover that we answer questions about in class. The teachers that are doing the project are Morah Liat, Morah Etah and Mrs. Zavon. Here is a post about the Be A Mensch project that my friend Shoshana already wrote. Are you a Mensch?

A license plate that supports the Be A Mensch Campaign

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