SBC 7- My Day at School

For this week’s challenge, we have to talk about out school. Here’s the full list that was given:

  • Create polls about how people get to school or work, or favourite school subject or …..
  • What is your weekly timetable like, compare with other students – time you start and finish school, number of lessons each day, breaks during the day, days in year you go to school
  • Choices of subjects at school – remember to explain abbreviations you might use eg LOTE , ELA
  • Your dream of what you will be doing once you leave school
  • If you were principal for a week, what would you do? If you were a teacher for a week, what would you do?
  • Research the history of your school and create an about my school page
  • Research a famous person who attended your school
  • Technology in your school
  • What do you do at break times?
  • School bell has gone – what do you do now?
  • Food you eat at school – what is in your lunchbox or your school meal – good activity for taking photos
  • If you could improve your school, what would you do?
  • Your ideal school – maybe include a map of what it would look like
  • How has schooling changed over the last 100 years? Maybe interview parents, grandparents and ask questions about schooling – use soundcloud or audioboom then embed in blog
  • The view outside your classroom window – maybe explain plants that might be seen, the weather, seasons etc
  • Hold a debate about uniforms or school starting times or subjects or …..
  • Anything else that relates to schooling around the world

I will be telling what my day is like at school and answering a few of these questions. Read on!

P.S. I didn’t do the challenge last week because my blog, for some reason, won’t allow me to put on new widgets and the like.

6:30-7:00 (Eastern US Time) Wake up for school.

7:00-7:30 Get dressed, prepare schoolwork, etc.

Sometimes go to Chabad for morning services; if not, eat breakfast and go to school at 8:15. 

Praying in school– 8:15-9:00

First class- Mitzvot 9:00-9:38

Hebrew (Rosetta Stone)- 9:40-10:18

Tanach (Bible Studies)- 10:20-10:55

Hafsaka (Break)- 10:55-11:05

Language Arts (some of Eighth grade has Pre-Algebra now)- 11:05-11:50

Social Studies- 11:50-12:40

Science- 12:45-1:30

Lunch- 1:30-2:00

Geometry- (some of Eighth Grade have LA now, others have Algebra) 2:05-2:45

Physical Education- 2:55-3:40

School ends at 3:45

*On Tuesday, we don’t have a break and lunch is shorter so that way we can have a 25-minute Study Hall after lunch, so everything is moved up. Then we have Rotation instead of PE. Mine is Rock Band.*

After school, I will go to various Jewish classes, Boy Scouts, and basketball.


1. 53 years old, started off as a Solomon Schecter Day School.

2. Named after Martin J. Gottlieb in the early 2000’s, after Martin died of cancer.

3. Currently serves K-8, in the Galinsky Academy umbrella which includes DuBow Preschool, Makom Hebrew High, and Selevan Religious School.

4. Has about 120 students this year.

5. An Apple-based school, has 40 school laptops and 20 school IPads, with almost every classroom having a Smartboard.

To improve my school, I would have it start at 9:00 and end at 5:00, like the regular American work hours. I would have a study hall every day for 25 minutes and take away the break and 10 minutes from lunch, and 2 minutes from walking in between each class.  I would include PE on Mondays and Wednesdays, and rotation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Friday I would keep it the same with the mitzvah trip and only secular studies.  Lastly, I would require everybody to get hot lunch.



The Mystic Chi’-lin

I wrote this for a reading report because the story this week was about a chi’lin. The chi’lin is an ancient chinese animal. I got a 100% on it! Here is my A+ work :

The chi’lin is an ancient Chinese creature. It is a omen that is supposed to bring peace and serenity. It is described as a unicorn or an animal that is a mixture of a dragon and a tiger with scales. The chi’lin is supposed to spout fire from its mouth like a dragon does. The Chinese told a tale that a chi’lin predicted the birth of the great Chinese leader Confucius. The chi’lin is a great animal in Chinese history, celebrated by many.

My Book Review

         My book is called Holes, and it was written by Louis Sachar.  Holes is a Fiction and Adventure book. It was awarded the Newberry Medal. It was published by Francis Foster books in 1998.

      The settings in Holes are Camp Green Lake, Stanley’s School and “G-d’s Thumb”. The main charecters are Stanley, Clyde Livingston, Zero, Stanley’s Parents, The Warden and Mr. Pendanski. Holes starts by explaining how Stanley Yelnats has to go to Camp Green Lake for his crime, which follows : A pair of shoes hits him on the head, so he is convicted for stealing them. Everybody at Camp Green Lake has weird nicknames. Here is a quote explaining my point: “Theodore whirled and grabbed Stanley by his collar.”My name’s not Thee-o-dore,” he said. “It’s Armpit.

                 Stanley has to surive nasty foods, scratchy cots, short showers, and back-breaking work. They have to dig 5-foot deep holes every day! The Warden (director of camp) says that they are building charecter by achiveing this, but Stanley know’s that they are digging for something. At Camp Green Lake there is this kid, Zero, who is always the first to finish his hole, although he is the smallest. Zero hits Mr.Pendanski with his shovel, and then Zero runs away.Soon after, Stanley tries to drive the water truck to Zero, but he crashes it. Next, Stanley wanders aimlessly intil he finds Zero.

           Once he finds Zero, they walk to “G-d’s Thumb”, a mountain in the distance, in hopes that on it will be water. Stanley, at one point, has to carry Zero up the mountain! On top, they find water and lots of wild onions. The two talk about many subjects. Zero admits to stealing the shoes. This quote proves my point : “If I had just kept those smelly sneakers, then neither of us would’ve been here now.” Stanley and Zero make it back to the camp, where Stanley, Zero and everybody else at Camp Green Lake is freed from the camp by the Texas government.

               I liked Holes a lot because it told a story that really could happen, where adults are cruel to kids. I liked Holes because it was relastic fiction. I would recommend this book to people who like drama, because there were many close calls in this book. I would also recommend it to people who like books that keep you hooked until the end. The moral of Holes is- although people may be mean to you and life can be unfair, you should always stay hopeful because there will always be a friend out there.