News Report Live : The Giving of Ten Commandments

Hello Israel! Babaganewz has a reporter, live at the giving of the Ten Commandments. Lets give it to our reporter, Jake!

Jake : Hi Babaganewz. I’m here at Har Sinai to witness Moshe going up the mountain to tell the commandments to Bn’ai Yisrael, and to recieve them.

Babaganewz Reporter : Why is Moshe going up the mountain? Why couldn’t G-d just say the commandments himself?

Jake : Well, I interviewed a Jew here, and this is what he said-

Well, Shumel (my Hebrew name), G-d started saying the Ten Commandments. Wow, what a racket! It was  like, 300 decibels! We heard this REALLY loud Shofar (animal horn), and then we heard this LOUD voice, calling down to us- I AM THE ONE AND ONLY GOD. YOU SHALL ONLY WORSHIP ME!! We told Moshe, “Please, say the commandments for us! We can’t take G-d’s Awesome voice! So Moshe is going to say them for us.

Babaganewz Reporter : Wow. How’s the weather over there, Jake?

Jake : Well, I’m predicting cloudy with lots of lightning. Also, I’m thinking some fire and thunder is on the way!

Babaganewz Reporter : Well, that wraps it up for today, Israel. Tune in tomorrow for Shoshana and the Hebrew Mystery!


Writing “Hayom Lo Tov-Zeh Lo Ani”

I am here to review the story I wrote on the IPad. (This is the Hebrew thing I was doing on the IPad in An Apple Day). The original poem is called Zeh Lo Ani (this isn’t me in Hebrew), and it was written by Leah Goldberg. We had to write owr own version of Zeh Lo Ani. It didn’t have to be true. We made the story on an app on the IPad called Storykit. Here are the pictures of Hayom Lo Tov- Zeh Lo Ani. (This is my version of the story) P.S. Click on the pictures to see them bigger. 

Rosh Chodesh & Shabbas!

          This Friday was Rosh Chodesh AND Shabbas! Rosh Chodesh is the Jewish New Month. Since the Jewish Calendar follows the moon, a new moon means a new Jewish month. Click Here for more info about Rosh Chodesh. We had a Kabbalt Shabbat. That is when the whole school gathers before carpool and sings Shabbas songs. How does your religon celebrate the new month?

The Jew who did his share- Einstein

Albert Einstein the Jew.

You probally heard of Albert Einstein. He was the smartest man in the world, discovered E=Mc2………and a Jew!

Albert was born on March 14, 1879 in Wurrtenberg, Germany. When Little Albert was 6 weeks old, his family moved to Muinch.  He started a Catholic school (they weren’t observant Jews) at age 5. When he was 8, he transferred to the Luitpold Gymnasium. He showed an intrest in mathmetics as a kid.  When his family moved to Italy, Albert had to stay behind to finish school.

In 1902,Einstein and his future wife had a kid, who they gave to an orphanage. He married Mileva Maric in January 1903. Their two sons, Hans and Eduard, were born 6 years apart. They divorced in Febuary 1919. In June 1919, Einstein married Elsa Lowenthal, who died in 1936.

He was awarded a PhD from the Universty of Zurich on April 1905. Einstein was recognized as a leading scientist in 1908. He was also promoted lecturer at the University of Bern. He   quit the job the same year to go to the University of Zurich. In 1919, a man confirmed facts that Einstein discovered, which made him famous. He got a Nobel Prize in 1922, and Einstein was awarded the Copley Medal in 1925.

He eimgrated to the U.S. as soon as Hitler came to power. When WWII started, Albert Einstein warned President Roosevelt that Germany might be making atomic bombs. Roosevelt put him in charge of the Manhattan Project, the one that created the atomic bomb.

Einstein took a job at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, which he held until his death. In May 1933, the Nazis burned his books and works. He discovered he had a reward of death for $5,000 dollars, nowadays worth $90,000.   When other scientists from Germany fled to America, he wrote “I have never felt so Jewish.” Einstein, with other immgrated scientists, warned the U.S. that Germany might  build the atomic bomb, but the first time his warnings were ignored.

He became a American citizen in 1940. In 1952, David-Ben Gurion asked Einstein if he would like to become the Prime Minister of Israel. Albert refused, saying that he “lacked the apitude and experience to deal properly with people and to exercise offical functions.”

On  April 17th, 1955, an internal organ inside Albert Einstein’s body exploded. He didn’t want to have surgery, saying that ”  It is tasteless to prolong life artificially.” He also said that “I have done my share.” He was working on scientific papers the next morning when he died at 1 AM. He was cremated the same day, but scientists kept his brain in hopes of discovering what made him so smart.

One of the greatest  people in the world was from a religon that was hurt the most. Just goes to show that it matters by how the personality is, not what color or what language they speak. What matters is how they act.



          Since I am Jewish, I celebrate a holiday called Shabbas. On Shabbas we are supposed to not work and go to shul. Shabbas is the only day besides holidays that  Jews are allowed to say a Kiddush. Shabbas starts on Friday at sundown and ends on Saturday when 3 stars are out it the sky. We offically end Shabbas by saying a little service called Havdalah. On Friday night and Saturday noon we have a special bread called challah instead of regular bread. One reason I feel special about being Jewish is because I get a holiday every week : Shabbas!