My Best A+ Articles

I have 2 pieces of work that I am very proud of and want to show you. I am very proud of both of these Social Studies papers because they are both over 100 percent. Social Studies is my best subject, so I always get A+ in it. Doing extra credit for my second article saved my A+ report card grade. But that’s a different story, so for now let’s talk about the test. For my Social Studies test, we got to use our notes, but I barely needed them. Mrs. Zavon said that if we did all 8 problems, we would get 25 points extra credit. I did, and got all right! For the homework, we had to do 3 problems on our S.S. page. If we did the other 2, then we would get 20 extra credit points for each problem. I am especially proud of this one because even though I got 10 points off, I did extra credit so I got over a 100. Did you ever do really well on a test that you’re happy with?

A 130% homework grade for Social Studies.

My Social Studies test got a well-earned 125%.

How Organisms Compete and Survive in an Ecosystem

         Organisms in one ecosystem are called populations. Populations living with other populations are called a community. Another part of ecosystems is the physical environment, which could be the sun, air, water, weather, and dirt. Populations interact with the dirt and sun and water. But to live, each population needs a specific amount of this stuff. The need to get these things leads to competition. To compete in habitats, animals have adaptations.

          Sometimes different populations relate with each other, which is called symbiosis. One kind of symbiosis is called mutualism, where both organisms are helped. Another kind is called commensalism, where one organism benefits and the other isn’t hurt. The last symbiosis is called parasitism, where an organism thrives whiles the other is affected. To survive, prey have to killed by predators (meaning that animals have to be killed). As it is easy to know that predators need prey, it is harder to see that prey need predators. But they do, because if predators would be taken out of the food chain, then the prey would get bigger, and then starve because all the food would be eaten.

    A human population is like a neighborhood or town. But a animal population is a group of animals living in a habitat. A animal community is lots of groups of animals living in, say, a savannah. A human community is a county or state. Also, human competition is when humans and animals fight over land and trees. Animal competition is over water or food.