Journal 23- You Shall be Holy, For I Am Holy

This week’s Torah portion is called Kedoshim, which in Hebrew means, “You shall be holy”. The full sentence reads, “You shall be holy because I, your G-d, am holy.” Everyday, I live up to this statement. I am holy from the moment I wake up and I say Modeh Ani, a short prayer thanking G-d for allowing me to live. I am also holy by cleaning my body physically and spiritually. Engaging in spiritual acts, such as praying or studying Torah also makes me holier.

Writing “Hayom Lo Tov-Zeh Lo Ani”

I am here to review the story I wrote on the IPad. (This is the Hebrew thing I was doing on the IPad in An Apple Day). The original poem is called Zeh Lo Ani (this isn’t me in Hebrew), and it was written by Leah Goldberg. We had to write owr own version of Zeh Lo Ani. It didn’t have to be true. We made the story on an app on the IPad called Storykit. Here are the pictures of Hayom Lo Tov- Zeh Lo Ani. (This is my version of the story) P.S. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.