Grandfriends Day Interview

Today at MJGDS was the Intergenerational Friends day. This is when your relatives or friends come to school and you tell them about what happens at MJGDS. My class showed our blogs, and we had to interview our guest.

I interviewed my teacher Morah (teacher in hebrew) Mazal. Morah Mazal had no pets, but as a kid she helped take care of all the stray animals. Where she lived, the animals were allowed to run around. Her favorite book was The Girl From South Africa. She liked it because of the good pictures and the setting of the story. Morah Mazal’s first movie was Lassie Returns Home. Mazal’s favorite game was called “Five Stones”. One of her special memories was when her sister knitted a blue sweater for her because she lost her first tooth. She learned Hebrew when she was little. Her favorite Jewish holiday was Sukkot because it was her birthday! She has not only been to Israel-she was born and lived there for 23 years! When she lived in Israel, there was no T.V., no refrigerators, no phone! We wouldn’t survive back then without all of our modern-day inventions!