My New IPod Touch

On Wednesday I got something I have been wanting for a long time- a IPod Touch! I’ve been saving up for it it finally have enough. I wanted one so I could play games on it and go on my blog. All it is is a small computer. At first I wanted a IPad, but when my friends told me all it was a a big ITouch, I changed my mind. I now do not regret my decision!

An IPod Touch like mine




Game Time!

This week in the SBC is the game! The game is called “Count out Three”. Here is how you play :

  1. Go to the SBC’s student list
  2. Click on a blog from that list & leave a comment (count one)
  3. Click on a blog from that blogroll and comment (count two)
  4. Now click on a blog from that blog and comment (count three)

      I played the game twice. Here is a list of who I played with :

GAME 1- Saschina




GAME 2- Edublogs & Egusd




Did you play the game? If you did, whose blogs’ did you visit?