The Running Wall of Fame- I made it!

         In my P.E. class, we have been running half a mile to pratice for the Chai Run. The Chai Run is a program that my school has. It is a fundraiser and fall festival. In my age group, we are running half a mile for the Chai Run. Today, Coach told us that we were running half a mile today. If you ran it in less than 5 minutes, you got to go on the Wall of Fame. I made it to the Wall of Fame! I got it just in time. My time was 4:57! The best in my class was Noah. He did it in 3:40. A boy in 4th Grade did it in 3:25, which was the best time in the school. Wow! Congratulations to all the people on the Wall of Fame!

5th Grade Hockey Season

We finished a Hockey Season yesterday. We’ve been playing the season for 3 weeks. First we did the games, then the playoffs, finally the championship. My team was the Panthers. The other teams were the Sharks and Lightning. The team that had the most points went to the championship. The way points worked is 3 for a win, 1 for a tie and none for a loss. My team had 10 points, the Sharks 18 and the Lightning 19. The Sharks won the championship. The season was intense!