An Apple Day!

Today was very 21st century. I used 4 Apple products! I used one of my school’s IPads, one of my school’s laptops, one of my school’s EMacs, and my ITouch! I used the IPad to finish this project we’re doing in Jewish Studies. We were reading this book about this kid who has a bad day, so we had to make our own version of the story with yourself. The story didn’t have to be true. I also used the laptops for the story. I’m using the EMac to make this post! And I am just playing on my ITouch.

An IPad like I used



A laptop like I used




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My New IPod Touch

On Wednesday I got something I have been wanting for a long time- a IPod Touch! I’ve been saving up for it it finally have enough. I wanted one so I could play games on it and go on my blog. All it is is a small computer. At first I wanted a IPad, but when my friends told me all it was a a big ITouch, I changed my mind. I now do not regret my decision!

An IPod Touch like mine




IPad lesson

    One of our computer teachers, Mrs. Tolisano, came in this Friday with the IPads. Recently, our school got 20 IPads.Click Here to see Mrs. Tolisano’s blog. First, she taught us how to hold it and take care of it properly. Next, she told us which apps she wanted us to test out. Then she passed out the IPads! Since we are Jewish, she “named” the IPads after Jewish leaders. Does your school do something interesting like IPads?



         I am trying to get a Apple product to play games and stuff on it. I have enough money for it, but I don’t know which one to get. Calling commenters & visitors on my blog! Please vote so I know what to get!

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