This is a very, VERY important day in my blog’s history- I have reached 1,000 visitors! This means I am halfway through my goal. My goal for my blog, as I said in Happy New Year, is to get 1,000 visitors and 100 posts by the end of June. I am halfway to reaching my goal, which leaves me plenty of time to comeplete 23 more posts, which is the number that I need to reach 100. I just can’t understand how I could get 1,025 visitors in about 6 months!




Turning Ten

On January 3rd, I turned 10! This is especially special to me since I am the youngest in the class. I am going to have a pirate sleepover party. I LOVE pirates, especially POTC. I am inviting Ethan, Justin, and Noah. We are going to wear costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean characters. I am going to be Captain Jake Sparrow (since my name is Jake). I gave all the foods pirate names. For example : pizza- privateer’s prize food. We are going to eat green apples instead of brushing our teeth. We also have to talk like a pirate the whole time. I’m so excited about my birthday!

Exciting Edublog Awards- Part 2!

     Remember the Edublog Awards, also known as the “Eddies”? Well, as I said before, I got nominated for best student blog. I came in 3rd place with 163 votes! The kid who came in 2nd was Miriam, and the kid who came in 1st was Jaden. Jaden got 610 votes, while Miriam got 241. Congratulations to Jaden! And congratulations to the 4th and 5th place winners : Jarrod and Gemma, who got 147 votes and 107 votes.

The Running Wall of Fame- I made it!

         In my P.E. class, we have been running half a mile to pratice for the Chai Run. The Chai Run is a program that my school has. It is a fundraiser and fall festival. In my age group, we are running half a mile for the Chai Run. Today, Coach told us that we were running half a mile today. If you ran it in less than 5 minutes, you got to go on the Wall of Fame. I made it to the Wall of Fame! I got it just in time. My time was 4:57! The best in my class was Noah. He did it in 3:40. A boy in 4th Grade did it in 3:25, which was the best time in the school. Wow! Congratulations to all the people on the Wall of Fame!

SBC Achievement!

This week’s challenge was about creativity. I was able to complete all of the activites! I combined Activity 1 and Activity 4 into one post. I wrote a post that links to other posts. You can look at it here. I left the comments for Activities five & six. The only activity I didn’t do was Activity 2 because there was no website. Have you ever completed anything that you were really proud of?