Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

I made a Frames project about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai with my classmate Cayla C. We used Chabad.org‘s article about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. I enjoyed doing this project.  I liked using Frames. It is an easy tool to work with. It was easy to find information and to create the Frames. However, there were some problems.   

     We tried recording our voices saying what we wrote, but we didn’t have time to record everything. One of the hardest things to do was finding pictures, especially of people. One of our classmates who was supposed to help us didn’t do anything at all.  I kept getting distracted talking. Next time, I think we should movies where we act. That might be better to work on than an online project.

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Math, Chapter 11- How we can use These Lessons in Everyday Life

My Pre-Algebra class is finishing up chapter 11. It is called “Graphing Lines”. Well, in this post I am going to state all of the lessons that we learned in this chapter and state how we can use them in our life.

11-1: Graphing Linear Equations                                                                                                      You could use this lesson to find out if the equation of the items you sold and the money you made is linear.

11-2: Slope of a Line                                                                                                             If you were a scientist who tracks how much mountains have been changed by erosion, you could use this lesson.

11-3: Using Slopes and Intercepts                                                                                      When you’re an accountant for a shipping business and you need to graph how much it will cost to graph an item that costs q pounds, then you could try this lesson.

11-4: Point-Slope Form                                                                                                                          Bamboo is a fast-growing plant. It can grow 3 feet or more in 24 hours. You can use this lesson to see how much a bamboo plant has grown in 5 days, when it is now q feet tall and was 1 inch tall on day 1.

11-5: Direct Variation                                                                                                                Say you have an recipe for bread. The amount of ingredients in the recipe increase according to how many people you are serving. you can use this lesson to find out if the recipe shows direct variation.

11-6: Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables                                                                You can use this lesson to find out if a vehicle can make one round trip around a park according to the miles per gallon it gets and how big its gas tank is.  

We did not learn 11-7.

Credits to my Holt Pre-Algebra textbook.                  




Jake (My Bio-Poem)


Creative, Fun, Interesting, Bookworm, Smart, Jewish, Nice

Brother of Lucy (6), Kagan (5), Reba (3)

I love Judaism, Using Electronics, Reading

I feel happy when I read, spend time with true friends, and upset when I’m betrayed

I need food, water, shelter

I give tzedkah, good deeds, and advice

I fear painful death, getting in trouble, and being lonely

I would like to travel the world, be a good Jew, and be successful in life

I share what’s on my mind, jokes, and almost anything

I am 11, 4 ft. 5, and a Homo Sapien Sapien

I am a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, The Untied States of America, and Earth.

Jake Allen

Hobbit Dreams

If I were a Hobbit

I’d live in the Shire

I’d celebrate my 114th birthday

And meet Bilbo Baggins

(If he’s still alive)


I would be a proud 4 ft. 3

and cause mischief with Merry and Pippin

After all, it is my destiny


I could play riddles with Gollum

and desolate Smaug with the dwarves

or become part of the Fellowship

and explore, explore, explore


I could fight Orcs and Uruk-hai alike

or become a knight of Gondor

I could become Frodo’s gardener

or a soldier of Rohan


I could possess the One Ring

and withhold from its temptation

But, amidst the battle

Have excellent participation


But of course

I could do the things a hobbit does best;

eat as much (with a munch) as a large, large, horse!




My Chai Project- A Day In Ruth’s Eyes

Today was a very interesting day. We had our breakfast of white radishes, sour cream, rye bread, and butter.We also enjoyed some cherries that Leah stole. Nate told her she doesn’t have to do steal again. The Hotel Jolen, where we are staying, is a center for refugees created by the UN. It is an old stone building that has seen better days. The building has lots of names on it written by the refugees who have passed through. Everyone is reading names, searching for family members, even though the chances are slim. I read out names for Leah, who says the names are too rough.

“Suddenly, as I am reading out the names, Leah catches her breath. ‘What did you say?’ I repeat the last name. ‘Not that one. The one before.’ ‘Sayde Leifman. Lublin.’ That’s my aunt,’ Leah whispers. ‘My Auntie Sayde.'” (Matas, 1996, p.39)  I assure Leah that we may be able to catch up with her Aunt. After all, she left a week ago. Leah’s eyes are filled with tears, and Leah almost never cries. We all spend the day reading names, rereading names, making sure the children are alright, and meeting other refugees. We sleep on the floor. The next morning, we go to the train station early in the morning, to Vienna. (Based on the character Ruth in After the War by Carol Matas)

Read my review on Shelfari here. Mine is the one written by “Jake G.” with the Star Wars picture.






Journal 29- Showing Bikur Cholim to a 3-Year Old Boy

There is a boy who has lived in a hospital all of his life. His name is Mohammed al-Farra. His parents abandoned him because he is disabled. They had to cut off his hands and feet because it is infected. His grandfather stays with him in the hospital. Doctors have taken a liking to him, so they start fundraisers so they can pay for the cost of his medical needs.

I think this is an example of Bikur Cholim because a lot of doctors have tried to help him, and his grandfather lives with him. His grandfather said that he’s staying with Mohammed so he can preserve his daughter’s marriage. This is a great thing to do, and people think it’s only for old people. But it’s not. It is visiting the sick and disabled. The world should be more aware of cases like this.

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My Math Video

In math, I and my classmate Brianna made a video. It is about the equation % over 100 = is over of. We made it a parody of the song, Tonight We are Young. Our Parody is called Today we are in Pre-Algebra. I wrote most of the song, and Brianna sang it. Mrs. Resnick filmed it. Thanks for watching! Click here to watch.

The Tale of Mrs. Kalamazoo- A Poem by Jake G.

I shall tell you of Mrs. Kalamazoo

She was a teacher of Jimmy Jet

And when she heard his tale, she said Woo!

(She heard his story from a vet)

She thought, “Well golly-goo!”

If he can become a TV,

than I can be a calculator.

I can do it too!

She went on the calculator

and stayed on it all night

Till she grew a screen on her forehead

and said, “Oh calculator!”

“What did you do?”

A ON button here

and a + button there.

Oh dear!

So now, in the Museum of Math

There lies a big black calculator

And next to the picture of Mrs. Kalamazoo

it says, “Don’t take this path!”




Journal 28- Cleaning the Beaches

“The heavens are G-d’s Heavens, but their earth was given to Human Kind” (Psalm 115). הַשָּׁמַיִם שָׁמַיִם לי’ ;    וְהָאָרֶץ, נָתַן לִבְנֵי-אָדָם

For this journal, we were asked to write a minimum of 2 paragraphs explaining what this means, and how it related to our mitzvah project. Our mitzvah project was to clean the beach. We walked up to the pier, and then we went back, filling garbage bags. Me and my friends also found a jellyfish! I think we did a good thing, helping to preserve the rule: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

I think what that quote means is that we were given Earth as a gift. We are so lucky to have a planet that gives us everything that we need. We need to respect it, or we will not be able to use it anymore. If we litter, then we destroy our gift from G-d. We were preserving that verse by cleaning the beach last Friday.

Click here to read the full text of Psalm 115 in English, Hebrew, and to read some commentary on it by Rabbi Benjamin J. Segal.