Creating an Educational Game

Today I created a game on an app called Tiny Tap for grades 1-3. I created it with Ethan. Click here to see his post about our project. We called our game Mah B’Kitah? (What’s in the classroom?) We put a picture of a classroom and asked the player to find what we said. If they got it right, we’d say Tov Meod! Zeh…! (Good job! That is a…!) If they got it wrong we’d say so.

I liked this project because I thought it was fun to make a game. I also liked my partnership with Ethan. I think we’re a good team. To improve the app, I wish that there was extra additions that you could put on the game. I felt like the app was good but a little thin on what you could do.

The Talent Show

Today was the MJGDS Talent Show! I performed in it with my friend Ethan. There was about 20 kids in the Talent Show this year. Ethan and I did a Mad Libs. A Mad Libs is a fill in the blank game where you say whatever word you want, and it turns into a funny story. Our Mad Libs was called ‘Computers Are Cool”, because of MJGDS’s use of technology. I called on people from the audience to give me a word, and Ethan read our story. The audience loved it! Ethan was laughing so hard he couldn’t read it. I think that our act was a success!

Camp Ramah

This year, my summer plans are shorter, because for half of the summer, I’ll be going to a sleep away camp! It is a Jewish camp called Camp Ramah Darom. I will be away for a month! It is the longest I’ve ever been away from relatives. I did go to Israel for a month, but I was with my grandparents. But I’m not worrying, because my classmates Noah, Casey, Lily, Cayla, and Rachel are also going. I can’t wait!


The End of Fifth Grade

The end of Fifth Grade is coming and I’m getting very excited about summer. Of course, I’ll miss my friends who are moving and my fifth grade teachers. But I’ll have some last good memories for the last 2 1/2 days of school.

Next week is the last week of school. Mrs. Zavon decided that on Monday we’ll work and on Tuesday and Wednesday we will have fun! On Tuesday morning we will be doing DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). Next, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning will be Board Game Day. To conclude our party we will watch a movie and have snacks. I myself will be hosting an end-of-the-school-year sleepover for the boys.

My Mystery Book Puzzle

Last week my class had to do a book report on a mystery book. I chose to do Footprints Under The Window by Franklin W. Dixon. It is in the Hardy Boys series. We had to make 9 puzzle pieces and put them on a poster board. You had to decorate the edges with the theme of your book. In my case, I put footprints with question marks. Below is my poster.

My Puzzle.

Review About Fifth Grade

The end of fifth grade is approaching and I’m reflecting on what happened this year. One thing that I’ll definitely remember about Fifth Grade is the spelling pre-tests. In our class, we have a spelling pre-test every Monday, and if you got a 100% on one, then you got two 100s in the grade book and didn’t have to do the spelling packet. Another thing I’ll remember is when this one time, pretty much everybody was addicted to this game called Bloons Tower Defence 3.

I’ll definitely remember everybody in this class. Everybody had their special qualities. From Casey, who ALWAYS laughed, to Sydney, one great singer. A lot of funny things happened this year. One thing that happened is a person dressed as Elmo jumped at Barbie, Shoshana and Talya and scared them half to death. The video is below. Another funny thing that happened is one Friday, a bunch of us were giving each other shocks. One last funny thing is the Photobooth videos that I made.

I will definitely miss my teacher Mrs. Zavon. I’ll also miss my friends Ethan and Justin, who are leaving this year. When I’m 56, I’m pretty sure I’ll remember my Photobooth videos and the spelling pre-tests.



Surviving Jamestown Political Cartoon- The Cross of Lies

This is my political cartoon that I made. I made it based on a scene from the book, Surviving Jamestown. In one scene, the colonists were with the Native Americans. They were along the river and the leader of the colonists, Captain Newport, christened the river with a cross. The Native Americans didn’t know what was happening. Captain Newport lied and told the Native Americans that the cross signified there friendship.

3 Kinds of Rocks (A Rhyming Poem)

Hey everybody, there are 3 kinds of rocks, rocks, rocks

The first one is igneous, and surgeons used it to make flintlocks, flintlocks, flintlocks

It forms when melted rock is cooled, cooled, cooled,

Underground, on Earth’s surface but not in a pool, pool, pool

The second type is metamorphic, it is formed by pressure, pressure, pressure

One mountain on top of a rock, then you got a rock that has endured, endured, endured

The last one is strange as can be, it is called sedimentary, sedimentary, sedimentary

It is formed by rock debris squished together, it can be used to make boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

That is pretty much it, it, it

Now you don’t have to sit, sit, sit (Through my poem)

Granite- an igneous rock.

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My View of MJGDS 50 Years Ago

Imagine… It is 1962… you’re looking at your new classroom… Everybody is with their best friends. Nobody is wearing uniforms. Sometimes the boys get mischievous and play tricks on the teacher. But woe to them if they get caught. They’d have to write 100 times, “I will show respect for my teachers.” The girls wore long skirts. If they wore pants or short skirts, the would be sent home. Imagine the anger if you were a parent and you’re daughter was sent home!

They teachers were also strict, and sometimes they tended to be mean. Step one toe out of line, and you’re in hot water. Sometimes you went to Shabbas services with your father. You said some of the prayers you learned in class. The Rabbis were nice. Occasionally, after services, they would give you a piece of candy. You like the sweet cherry flavor.

Classwork was OK. You had math, language arts, social studies, and science along with Judaic Studies. You had at least 1 test or quiz per week in spelling and math. There was a science and social studies test twice a month. The teachers give you about 3 items of homework per day, not including Judaic Studies. Once in a while, you would walk the mile from your house to the school in Downtown Jacksonville.

That is what I think my school was like 50 years ago. I hope you enjoyed my essay! If you were a MJGDS student 50 years ago, please comment and tell me if this is accurate. Thanks!






My ABC Advice

A- Accept anything given to you politely.

B- Be nice.

C- “C” that the truth is told.

D- Do a good turn daily.

E- Everybody should work together!

F- Feel good about yourself.

G- Great minds do great things.

H- Hail those who do good.

I- Inspire others.

J- Just do mitzvot.

K- Kindness counts.

L- Listen to your elders.

M- Money does not buy friendship.

N- No to drugs and alcohol.

O- Optimism for life.

P- Patience is a virtue!

Q- Quiet voices inside.

R- Read, read, read!

S- Size does not mean quality.

T- The truth can hurt.

U- “U” can change the world.

V- Various kinds of acts are good.

W- Who says you should quit?

X- Xenophobia- don’t have it!

Y- Yeasty actions aren’t always good.

Z- Zest is important in life.