Book Commercial Reflection

In Language Arts, throughout the whole year we made book commercials. A book commercial is a review of a book. We make a short, intriguing summary of the book and make a small poster to go along with it. Then, we present them to our class on Fridays. We rotated so everybody did one a week.

In the beginning of the year, my book commercials were not very good. My posters were messy, and I was making up a summary as a went. I was not a clear speaker. I shifted while I spoke and never made eye contact.

By today, my last book commercial, I have greatly improved. My posters are complete, and I have written out summaries to use. Although my speech is still occasionally jumbled, you can hear me much better. I can make clear eye contact and stay in one spot.

Although I have improved, I am still not the best public speaker. I can improve on three ideas. Firstly, I need to be louder and clearer. Secondly, I need to talk slower. And thirdly, I  need to have a relaxed position while speaking.

To see my last book commercial for the year go to :

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